cleaning, sorting, chucking

so on top of my ritualistic every-two-week cleaning of the house, i've just finished sorting, chucking and cleaning chaeli's room. it took all afternoon. with just one break, i started sometime around 2:30pm. it's now almost 6pm. anyone who has kids will know how much knick-knack they can collect over several years.

people constantly giving her presents outside of birthdays and christmas time do NOT help.

i managed to collect two boxes of things she's out-grown. we'll give them to the thrift store or charity. i explained to chaeli three things: 1) if she wants new presents for christmas and her birthday, she has to make room for them; 2) space does not grow in our house – we get what we get and we have to live with it; 3) there are plenty of children who hardly get any toys so we're going to do a good deed by giving it too them.

i'm not done organizing, either. over the winter, i only managed to do my closet. but i haven't gone through the other closets of her house (well, a good  chunk of chaeli's closet gets done with each season).

so here's my list to tackle:

  1. front closet
  2. guest powder room – medicine cabinet and under sink
  3. chaeli's bathroom – medicine cabinet and under sink
  4. under master bathroom sink
  5. linen closet
  6. storage closet by kitchen
  7. revisit the shelves of chaeli's closet
  8. office – like all of it

i'm embarrassed to say that we've been so negligent in those areas that i don't even know what's at the back of them. and a great reason to this is because when we bought this place from my parents, my mom didn't bother cleaning up most of those areas. we've been just adding our stuff to the mess.

this is mainly a job for me to do. i can't rely on doug. all he does is try to save most of what i want to chuck (yeah – doug hasn't watched 'hoarders' yet. he should. it will nip his pack rat tendencies in the bud!) that's why i am leaving the office to the end. most of it is his junk. i can't even both thinking about it until then, but i promise myself not to add anything else to the office. whatever we can't keep in the other areas i'm about to clean will be tossed.

i'm not sure how long this is going to take. my goal is to get through half of it before july.

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