QotD: Scary Movie

What's your favorite horror movie of all-time?

well, for me, i think this question should be changed from 'favourite' to 'most horrifying' simply because i would never say that a horror movie is a favourite. even within it's own genre.

i'm a big scaredy-cat – you know, with the type of imagination that can get out of control!

there are two movies in the past decades i will list as the scariest. i would probably list a lot more except that i don't watch a lot of horror movies (doug doesn't like sleeping with the bed-side lamp on and after i watch a scary movie, i usually insist of leaving that light on for at least three weeks – which is exactly why he won't let me watch horror movies):

blair witch had me almost sleep deprived for weeks. psychological fear is far worse for me and this film just made me feel uncomfortable for the whole time. the documentary style also made it seem too real. which is why i won't be watching paranormal activity. ever!

the ring – holy shit. what the hell? it took weeks before i could walk past a tv normally. whose cruel idea was it to make such a movie? of course, i blame japan. they keep on coming up with these insanely scary movies of which the americans feel a need to re-create and freak the shit out of all of us. which is also why i won't watch ring-u. simply because the original is always crazier.

there's one movie from highschool in which i can't shake. i don't know how popular it was but there is one part of the movie that just does it for me. it's a dream sequence which all the characters get – but the dream is a like a low-quality video recording sent from the future. you see this grainy footage of a figure coming out of the church and this is suppose to be the anti-christ. all the while, a reporter is speaking and the whole thing is just eerie! the movie was called prince of darkness.

other movies i have not watched but have been freaked out from the trailers alone – REC (quarantine was based off of this movie), paranormal activity, amityville, the grudge, exorcist (any of the exorcist movie), and saw (any of the saw flicks).

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5 thoughts on “QotD: Scary Movie

  1. I'm a big scaredy-cat too but, I've never watched a horror movie in my life mostly cause I've never watched an R rated movie… My choice I just don't think R rated movies are appropriate for anyone, some things should just stay of the screen.

  2. oh – but there has been some great R rated movies. it's not good because of the R rates stuff alone. It's good because some of the R rated stuff is necessary for the story.

  3. I also get very afraid during horror movies and do not watch them. But once, I wanted to go out with a cute guy in college, and he took me to a horror movie, we were the only ones in the theater, and he left me there ALONE when he went to the restroom. I was terrified. Not a good experience. I remember covering my eyes most of the time.

  4. forgot about psycho! that's another one – lots of psychological terror in that one.i would have gone to the washroom at the same time just so i wouldn't have to be alone in the theatire. :pgive me 'love actually' and 'the hangover' anyday. i'm a romantic comedy or just comedy nut. though i also do like a good science fiction or tear-jerky/heartful movie as well.

  5. I agree…give me a romantic comedy with a happy ending anytime!! I always say that I have to have a HE (happy ending). Of course, my favorite movie, Moulin Rouge is very sad but still…..the love part is happy!

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