yoga poses

three yoga poses i found challenging, i now find rewarding.

the first is the wheel, which is still challenging for me to hold for a lengthy amount of time, but at least now i'm at the point where i really feel the stretch across my front core:

i suppose the challenge wasn't so much that i couldn't do it. it was all in my head – it looks scary to attempt since i haven't done the wheel since i was a flexible little girl (who was also active in gymnastics and ballet back then). it was about week 3 in my p90x program when i decided to give it a try. i was surprised but with just a little struggle on the take-off, i found my back completely arched, my head hanging upside down and my core extended towards the ceiling.

mind you, getting out of this pose isn't a graceful thing to see, if you happen to be watching me. i try to come out of it slowly but i've also been doing a series of astanga vinyasa yoga sequence followed by balance poses for about and hour and ten minutes by this point. by the time my body is half way towards my mat, i sort of just… well… collapse with a bit of a thud.

the second pose i'm now loving and looking forward to is the frog pose. there is one step beyond this pose that i am not even ready to try. for the moment, i'm content with this modified move, which in itself, does challenge one's flexibility:

when i first started this pose, it felt awkward. i was not use to having my feet stick out like that. nor my knees, for that matter. and i wasn't able to get my pelvis and groin pressed against the floor. but now, i am able to get my legs out on each side in 90 degree angles with my entire hips, pelvis and upper body flat on the floor.

it's so comfortable that i could almost fall asleep in that pose, all the while feeling the nice stretch across my inner thighs. and i can really feel my pelvis opening up as well. what a great stretch!

it's not that i found warrior two challenging… but to really push myself and get down low wasn't easy. it wasn't impossible, but my goal was to be able to hold it at a low stance for a good length of time. still, it's my favourite warrior pose because it makes me feel strong and powerful:

poses that i still can not do effectively – the crane (which i don't force myself to do as it's the most advance pose on the p90x yoga-x dvd), warrior 3 (i can do the modified version which is more the airplane with hands out beside me rather then in front of my head), the plough and am still struggling on holding half moon and twisting half moon for a longer period of time.

but… it's a progression and journey that i look forward in taking on!

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10 thoughts on “yoga poses

  1. i agree – it is challenging in a different way.
    i'm more of a strength girl – i can do over an hour of weights and up to an hour on interval training and/or strength circuit training. i'm not a good runner anymore but i use to run 45 minutes at a time.
    yoga, however, has been the most challenging learning curve, yet. it takes much longer to really get. that's why i use to quit early on – but now i am starting to see that it's something i have to stick with for much longer before seeing any improvements.
    i have also found that it's helping me in all areas of fitness.
    and it feels good… after it's over that is. 🙂

  2. The warrior pose made my thighs very sore!! The first pose, well, I may have skipped that one. Looks like you are making progress in mastering some of the more difficult poses. That is wonderful!

  3. I'm the opposite. I love yoga over aerobic activities, unfortunately, and weight lifting. I love the Warrior II pose! It's one of my favorite yoga poses. I love how it uses my muscles and stretches them at the same time. I like Warrior I to a lesser extent. My favorites are the basic/simple poses for meditation.

  4. i also love the tree pose and the pigeon pose. prayer's twist is good but when my legs are really tired, it can be a major challenge. i also love the triangle pose. feels good to stretch those hamstrings and open the chest as you look up and reach for the sky with the opposite hand.
    high impact aerobic activity is probably at the bottom of my list but i do plyometrics and today, i did some interval run/walk on the treadmill. i'm working towards running again (nothing more then 5k) because i hope to do some charity runs as early as this fall – or at least by next spring.

  5. T always do the yoga wheel it is my favorite! Though I never knew it was a yoga pose. I've been thinking of starting yoga for a while since a lot of people say it is some how relaxing.

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