time to get some babysitting

as much as i love my daughter, i realize that i haven't had time for just doug and i. or for myself. the last time i had chaeli sleep over at the grandparental units, it was because i was on a business trip and doug's early hours do not go well with when chaeli starts daycare.

i can tell that i need to set up another sleepover because i'm a lot less patient with her. and i get easily worn-out whenever she is around me too much at a time. i can't explain it. it's like i just want to shout at the top of my lungs, "PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ALONE TIME!"

it's one of those things as parents. it's not that we want to feel this way, but it's amazing how easy these moments can catch us off guard. and it's got nothing to do with how much we love them. but when we're always on the go, sometimes, it is nice to just be left alone. and i'm the type of person, if given an evening to myself, can easily just zone out without saying a word for a few hours. i love it. it recharges my batteries.

i suppose this won't last forever. when she's older and more self-sufficient, it won't always be like this.

i remember when she was a toddler, i had many more frustrating moments like these but now that she is six, it's already easier. (i also had postpartum depression so that did not kick-start parenting in a positive way).

i think, though, i do need a date night with my husband. i've been so busy lately, i can't even remember the last time him and i had time together. maybe in a couple of weeks, i'll arrange for doug and i to have a date.

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4 thoughts on “time to get some babysitting

  1. You are so right. Alone time is crucial. I find that to be true even when the kids are in their teen years, because things get more emotionally exhausting then and I still need to recharge my batteries. Although we do not do it, I admire the couples that have a weekly or bi-weekly date night. Such a wonderful idea!! I hope you get a break soon!

  2. I could have written this post….I feel your stress and short temperedness…..I know that isn't a word but hey…..And I think this is a case of misery loves company- because I cant explain why they are so trying at times but just know you are not alone…..and yes- get some alone time with just you and Doug…it will make a WORLD of difference……I dont want the kids to grow up too fast, but maybe a day or 2 of the teenager independence would be nice…then Ill go back to the clinginess of my 6 year old….

  3. I don't have children (yet), but I can relate to your situation. Jeremy and I often comment how it feels like we are parents to two teenagers. Even though my father is in his 60s and my sister just turned 29, they often go to me and/or Jeremy for help or to ramble/vent, like they can't do things or make decisions on their own. We don't get much quiet time, or together time, without interruption. I think this is one of the major causes of my stress. Too bad my father and sister couldn't be dropped off at their grandparents. *L*I hope you and Doug get a date night or weekend soon. I think every couple should take a break together every so often to recharge the mind and spirit and to strengthen their bond.

  4. I can totally relate. Both our parents are far away so it's not that easy for us to pass Connor along to them. Once in a blue moon, we are able to have one of our friends babysit him but I don't want to ask all the time.I think it's normal to want alone time for yourself. I cherish my furlough Fridays. hahaha.. I still leave Connor with the babysitter and just enjoy the day on my own.

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