saturday randomness

  • i love that our public library now has free wireless access. they do have a small computer lab where you can reserve a computer, sign on with your library card and surf away. but… it's always busy. so, now that i can bring my own netbook, life is much easier saturday mornings while chaeli goes to her soccor and karate classes. of course, i love that the library is inside the community centre. plus, it's my computer – faster and more familiar then the outdated computers they have here. not that i'm complaining – it's great that they have these services at all.
  • my muscles are sore still from thursday's bodypump class (and power yoga from p90x that same morning and legs and back yesterday morning). i did kenpo-x (also from p90x) this morning and i must admit that it felt good to shake out and loosen my muscles. kenpo-x makes me sweat but overall, it's the easiest p90x of the week. i like that they plan it out for the last workout of the week.
  • my manager is off for a vegas tradeshow next week which means that i have had a hell of a busy week. not that i'm complaining – as busy and sometimes chaotic as it was, it went very smoothly and i'm proud of the teamwork involved. not to mention how organized everything was this time around (the most organized, actually, in all my years of being part of the preparation team before the tradeshow). i do love working with my manager – he's so organized and on top of things. and he doesn't hold me back from being creative and thinking a step ahead when i can. i might be teased for being sometimes a bit scary on that front but overall, he expresses his appreciation for my organization skills and hardwork. as tired as i was this week from lack of sleep, his positive leadership skills made the week a breeze.
  • a co-worker came up to me and asked me what the hell i've been doing. she said that i looked great but wanted to know exactly what was in my regimine. i told her about p90x. i wanted to say, "i got x-ed baby! and i'm lovin' every minute of it!" but… i'm already chastized for being somewhat of a geek so i basically just told her that she would like it (she's fit herself). anyway, i'm happy to have recieved the compliment. it's not like i'm looking for attention. but once in awhile, it just helps reaffirm that i'm on the right track.
  • i have a lot to do today. probably at around 2pm, i'll have to clean the house and then help get dinner ready. my parents are coming over tonight – we're making dinner for my mom for mother's day.

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8 thoughts on “saturday randomness

  1. Wow, your library has wi-fi? That is awesome. We have some restaurants and coffee houses that have it but not the library yet. But our library's have had huge budget cuts.Your workout program sounds very interesting and intense. Good for you! Sounds like it is working 🙂

  2. Looking forward to seeing you. I'm not very observant about that kind of stuff, as you probably know, but I'll make a note to get you to flex your muscles for me next time. Plus, you know, I'll be counting on you to kick the boys' asses in a future pullup competition.

  3. i know what you mean. our city did get internet access in the library branches several years ago but it's so much nicer now that they have free WiFi. not all the branches have it yet but they are in the process of making sure each one does. man – it just makes it easier to bring your own laptop!

  4. it always makes me sad when public libraries get their budget cut. it's such an important component in the city and the community.
    p90x is amazing – i can not believe i didn't get on the bandwagon earlier. a lot of my friends have been doing it for about a year and the results are noticeable. even though they are doing the lean schedule (the easier of the 3 schedules you can choose from). i'm doing inbetween the classic and the doubles. the doubles is the hardest and it ads 4 extra days of cardio on top of the regular program (which is the classic). i add 2 extra cardio days and 1 extra strength circuit training day (bodypump – which also is a cardio class as well).

  5. thanks for your vote of confidence but i'm a long way from a pull-up. 🙂 it's the one thing i never could do. i'm using really thick resistance bands, looping it around our chin-up bar and going on my knees to mimic a pull-up with it. works really well, i have to admit. but still – my goal is to do at least one wide-grip pull up.

  6. Wow, your exercise program sounds intense! That is awesome that you have the inner drive to carry through. Good for you!!!Yes, budget cuts at the library are so sad. What on earth is Chattanooga, TN thinking? Libraries are one of our greatest resources!

  7. My city's public libraries are a bit behind those of other cities. Despite their budget being cut bit by bit every year or so, they've managed to renovate the children's area in the main branch library, which is nice but at the expense of the other areas of the main library. And the smaller libraries of the branch barely get any attention. It's all so very sad.I'm always alarmed when I notice I've been working (or driving!) on autopilot. It's kind of scary when I realize I can't recall what I did while on autopilot, but at least it never resulted in an accident.

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