sunday bliss

i so needed this sunday. god – it feels good to sit here, drink my coffee and knowing we're only minutes away from finnish pancakes and thickly sliced, smoked bacon.

we had a fabulous friday night with the posse, too. ada was back in town from vancouver for a very short and chaotic stop. mainly it was so that her and hoa could finish packing, sort things out with the movers that they hired and make some very quick visits with family and us.

hosting the party on a friday night is always more challenging, of course. the mad dash home to get things ready after work is not easy for me. but it all worked out (plus, it helps to just get chinese take-out – luckily there is a really good resaurant across from us that has authentic and yummy chinese food).

great night! so good seeing ada again – bummed that i won't see her again for a few months. but i'm also getting use to it – and starting to adapt to the fact that we'll both just be making more efforts in to visit one another.

it's sunny outside but cool. after breakfast, i think i'll round everyone up and we'll all go grocery shopping.

and maybe stop by starbucks to get some… cupcakes! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “sunday bliss

  1. Ah, the finish pancake looks delicious. It looks a bit like French toast (which I love!). Do you really go to Starbucks for cupcakes or were you teasing us? My children love Starbucks lattes and other wonderful coffee drinks. They don't get to go often because of the expense.So glad you got some restful time today. Your party Friday night sounded like it was fun. That is a hard time to pull off a party! I am glad you enjoyed seeing your friend ada. It is hard when friends move away!

  2. I'm so glad you got to see Ada and Hoa. It sounds like you had a great party.I don't think I've ever eaten a Finnish pancake. Are they similar to French crepes?I've been on a Starbucks' cupcakes kick lately. I guess eating this comfort food is due to a lingering bout of depression. I should really stop eating sweets, since I recently learned I'm insulin-resistant (another symptom of PCOS), which I'm intending to blog about.

  3. i think it looks like french toast in the picture because they cut it up into a square. but it's actually more like a very thin pancake. the batter is a bit more runnier (using more milk and water then pancakes). very yummy.

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