guilty pleasures no. 31

toasted sesame bagel, with butter

i’ve been trying to stick mainly with whole grains when picking my carbs. brown rice, multi-grain, whole wheat, etc.

but i have to admit. i LOVE having a toasted sesame bagel. and i make sure i treat myself to this at least once or twice a week. usually with butter and a hot cup of coffee for breakfast.

i’ve been really tempted to just go out and buy a bag of sesame bagels but they don’t keep too long so that would be a waste.

this morning, i was good though. i already had a sesame bagel on tuesday so i opted for a multi-grain bagel. it’s good… but oh those sesame seeds! you can really taste the aroma when they’ve been toasted.

here’s a confession – i know everyone here in toronto always says that our bagels here are not truely bagels. that to get the best kind of bagel, you need to try the ones from quebec.

i have. i like them – but i like it our way better. i’m sure i’m in the minority here.

5 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 31

  1. Ooo… I know what you mean. I used to get the Cheddar and Herb bagel from Great Canadian Bagel almost every day before going dairy intolerant. Yup. Cheddar-n-Herb bagel with cream cheese, and an Earl Grey tea.

  2. i love bagels. in nyc i gained weight cause i boughton every day from the bagel carts. haha!i love everything the most, but they make your breathstink. i also love sesame!

  3. i like everything bagel as well. i had my toasted sesame bagel this morning. 🙂 it was my reward for doing my p90x every morning – including today where i ended off with the yoga-x dvd. yummy! 🙂

  4. I love toasted plain or sesame bagels with butter. I love the aroma of toasted sesame seeds, almost as much as I love the aroma of sesame oil heated up in a pan. Ahh, divine!

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