chaeli’s bff

ever since chaeli was born, her long time friend has been shao bao bei, also known as my aunt and uncle’s shih tzu. and because they live across our backyard, he’s over at our house. a lot.

in fact, it’s almost like we have a part-time dog. which is great – because we love him. but we don’t have to take on the full responsibilities of a pet owner.


the above photo was taken when chaeli was just a bit over a year old. notice how they almost have similar haircuts? trust me – that was not on purpose.

lately, chaeli’s been doing a lot of pretending. and her favourite thing, as of lately, that is, is to pretend that she’s a dog.

nothing completely out of the ordinary about that. i’m sure a lot of kids play make belief as some type of animal. i know i did this pretty often when i was chaeli’s age. i still remember pretending to be a dolphin while swimming in a pool.

sometimes, chaeli will even follow the shih tzu around, mimicking everything he does. which, i’m sure he just loves – as would all shih tzu’s. do you know what the personality of a shih tzu is like? they’re more the, “leave me alone – i need my personal space – and we’ll get along just fine” type.

anyway, imagine my surrpise, when one day, i was half watching chaeli crawl around, pretending to be a dog, when all of the sudden, she stops, poses for a second and then lifts her right leg into the air.

me: “chaeli? what in the world are you doing?”

chaeli: “i’m pretending to pee. like a dog would.”

me: “and where did you learn that from?”

chaeli: “shao bao bei.” <- she says this as if to say, ‘duh – mom… where else did i learn it from.’


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3 thoughts on “chaeli’s bff

  1. The picture is precious!!! I did not notice the "matching haircuts" until you mentioned it, LOL!! Your daughter sounds delightful. She is precious. I love the dogs teeth in the picture, how they stick up where we can see them. It sounds like your daughter has a wonderful imagination. I love the part about the leg raising 🙂

  2. Hahaha. Chaeli is a riot! Having a part-time dog without all the responsibilities sounds like a really sweet deal. When I was a child, my mom's sister had a shih tzu named Daisy. She was very sweet, friendly, and pampered. She always followed my mom around whenever we watched her while my aunt and uncle were traveling.

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