a mixed bag of reads

kafka on the shore – i mentioned reading this before, but i don't think i concluded my thoughts on it.

i loved every character all the way up to the end. the ending itself was sad but complete. i suppose i felt closure – which isn't always the case with how i feel about murakami's books. not that it bothered me but i know others always felt like they were left with a void. and left feeling like they wanted more.

of course, he's never a happy-happy ending type author which is fine, so long as there's some type of closure.

hush, hush – i know… yet another teen-wanna-be-twilight-romance-paranormal type novel.

in other words, i just could not resist my type of brain-candy, trash.

to be honest, it wasn't as annoying as i thought it would be. and i have to admit – the whole fallen angel, immortal hunk, was hard to resist.

and okay, i will admit one more thing…

i liked the look of the cover. i know – never judge a book by it's cover. but what can i say? this one grabbed my attention.

push – i definitely don't think i could stomach the movie. but i was interested in the book.

i found that it was ready for me to pick up at the library today – just in time as i finished hush, hush while chaeli was in her karate class this morning.

it's quite a short novel – i didn't realize that. just a couple of hundred pages (not exactly small typed, either). anyway, i'm about 2/3rd through and will most likely finish it tonight or tomorrow morning.

so far, it's as intense as it promised too be. it's a little big difficult to read – since it's written like how precious would talk. aside from that, it's not amazing, to be honest. just… alright.

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10 thoughts on “a mixed bag of reads

  1. Hush Hush sounds intriguing to me and I like the cover as well. Of course, I loved the Twilight series so I suppose it is not a surprise that I would be interested in this book as well.

  2. All three books sound interesting. I'd like to read "Hush, Hush," simply because I like sci-fi/fantasy novels. I don't know if I could handle "Push" with my current mindset, but I read a review on Amazon and think it seems very intriguing.

  3. yeah – you have to be in the right frame of mindset to read anything like PUSH. there are some graphic descriptions, though not as graphic as i thought it would be, surprisingly – she describes things as memories rather then what's happening to her right now. in that sense, you're not being shocked while the main character is going through the initial shock. she talks about it more like, "that's just the way it's always been for me." very, very sad – but less of an edge, if that makes sense. still – very disturbing and very sad. i had a friend who was watching the movie during her morning run on her treadmill and had to stop because she was crying so much, that she wouldn't have been able to finish her workout through blurry eyes.

  4. the bad-boy image (dangerous, edgy) is so bad for me. but it's that type of sinfullness that i can't help but to fantasize about. 🙂 the way it ended was ideal for me – would have been too easy if it went the other way.
    cyn – did you ever read city of glass? if so, what did you think?

  5. when you get a chance to read 'city of glass' – let me know. i enjoyed it – except for one thing that happens in the end. i won't say anymore but basically, it kind of ruined it for me. i don't know if i will read the other two sequels.
    i still have your book on my book shelf! gah! so embarrassing but i'm going to read it next. i had a loooong list of books to read (still do).

  6. i wonder if you'd like yoko ogawa. she's another japanese writer but i personally like her much more than murakami. check out "hotel iris" (bizarre & dark) and i think she has two more published in english.

  7. turns out that the library does not have that copy yet but i'm 2nd on the hold list. it's has bee pre-ordered so i'll have to wait. in the meantime, i checked out another book of hers – The Diving Pool: Three Novellas.

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