food! recipes! yum!

okay, as per request, i have some recipes to share from our easter feast.

Smoked Salmon and a lemon-caper cream cheese spread, wrapped around bread sticks
– i only used the zest from one lemon and felt it was enough.

Fig, Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, and Baby Spinach with a lemon-honey vinaigrette
– we did not use the purple basil since we had basil already in another appetizer.
– we did, however, throw this mixture on top of a pile of baby spinach as the dressing went well with it.

Grilled, marinated herbed & garlic Leg of Lamb
– the only thing we didn't use was the glass of white wine… because if you read the recipe, it doesn't explain where it's being used. maybe we're suppose to sip it while we cook? sounds good to me! anyway, we didn't feel it was needed.
– doug also likes to make incisions into the meat and stick cloves of garlic in there.

hope these recipes help!

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9 thoughts on “food! recipes! yum!

  1. the wine was probably supposed to go in the marinade but i like your idea of drinking it while cooking better! that's the only way to cook, in my opinion =)

  2. sure, but for high tea, we only serve short bread cookies and some finger sandwiches. 🙂
    actually, our supermarket does carry british style devon cream so perhaps we should learn how to make fresh scones.

  3. it was one of the more popular apps of the evening – everyone loved it! i used light cream cheese and assembled it right before serving so the breadstick will stay crisp. i also wrapped more then just a 1/4tr of the stick – 1/3rd to a 1/2, actually.

  4. yeah – i don't think as a country, we have much 'original' things to offer. :)we have game meats like artic char and buffalo. we also have back bacon. and of course, there's poutine.poutine looks gross but it's sinfully good.we're more a tossed salad of diverse cultures – which comes with a variety of different cultural foods. though i will admit, i have a hard time having my pancakes with pancake syrup because once you have it with maple, there's no turning back. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the recipes. We might try the leg of lamb.Devonshire cream sold at the grocery store? Hmm. I should check the stores around here. Our local fruit market or Whole Foods might carry it.As many times as I've visited my relatives in Canada, we never once ate poutine together or tried any local game meats. I did have pancakes and eggs made from ingredients gathered that same day, straight from my extended cousin's farm. It was the best breakfast I ever had!

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