Our Easter Weekend


Doug had to work at 3:30am. It's a bit of a bummer that he doesn't get holiday's off unless he takes that week off as a vacation. But the good thing, as painful as 3:30am sounds, was that he got time and a half and was home by 10:30am because, being a statutory holiday, it wasn't very busy.

Chaeli and I decided to head to the zoo. So, after doing my p90x Plyometrics, we headed off to the zoo, arriving only 15 minutes after it had opened. It was packed already! I was just glad that I was able to get parking in the front lot.

We only stayed for about an hour and half – enough time for Chaeli to take her Easter Passport to all the Pavillions to collect an Easter stamp. On the way out, she showed that she received all of them and was presented with a Reeces Peeces chocolate cup in the shape of a big easter egg. They had treats also available for those allergic to peanuts and other nuts, as well.

When we got home (and away from that crazy crowd), Doug was already there. Hopping back into the car, we drove off to our favourite Japanese restaurant for some sushi, tempura, spicy seaweed, galbi and bulgogi (it's owned by Koreans so there's a bit of korean food mixed in – which is a bonus for me).


As a new tradition, my family has decided to each take ownership of a holiday feast.

My aunt and uncle will get to keep Christmas and Chinese New Year. My parents get Thanksgiving. Which means Doug and I get Easter.

Which is fine – because Doug makes a mean leg of lamb. It's by far the best lamb i have ever had!

Our menu:

Tomato, Bocconcini & Basil bits with balsamic vinaigrette dip

Smoked Salmon and a lemon-caper cream cheese spread, wrapped around bread sticks

Fig, Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, and Baby Spinach with a lemon-honey vinaigrette

Grilled, marinated herbed & garlic Leg of Lamb

Roasted rosemary Baby Potatoes

Roasted Baby Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Bacon, drizzled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese

Fresh Strawberries, with Whipped Cream, Angel Cake sandwiches

Latte or Coffee

It was by far the best menu and meal we've ever created. My family was just floored and I think everyone was on a food high afterwards. 🙂


The Easter Bunny was a very smart bunny this year. Instead of leaving too many chocolates around that's never finished and eventually thrown out, he about half of chocolates of what he usually leaves. The rest were other types of treats including three sets of mini-gel pens (flourescent, sparkly and metallic ink – six colour each), some roll-on, scented soap, a strawberry shake mix and a Hammy the Hamster DVD (six episodes).

After brunch, we commenced the egg colouring. I have enough coloured, boiled eggs to last me everyday for two weeks!

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6 thoughts on “Our Easter Weekend

  1. I'm glad you had a great Easter. That menu sounds so tasty. Tomatoes paired with fresh basil is divine! I love roasted baby potatoes with rosemary. We usually make that on the grill in the summer. And strawberries, angel food cake, and homemade whipped cream is one of my favorite desserts. If I pay you, could we eat at your place? *L*

  2. The menu sounds delicious. I also like the Easter Bunnies plan to give gifts along with less chocolate. He had the same idea at my house. I find, I mean, he find that it goes better that way, lol!

  3. hey key – absolutely. most of these recipes were from cook books and searches online. and from there, we might have changed it up a bit to our own liking. i'll be creating another post of recipes and when i do, i'll notify you.

  4. We did the same this year on less candy for the kids. I got them things they could actually use after the day like swimsuits, new summer sandals, etc. They seemed just as happy. 🙂 Your weekend sounded wonderful.

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