3 days off

when you have three days off while your husband is working and your kid is in school, you would think you could get a lot of lying around and doing nothing, right?

apparently, not so much in my household.

i've used these past three days to jam in a lot of errands and tasks i needed to get done – and i'm still not done everything that i really want to get done.

and i probably could have squeezed in another project or to this afternoon. except that by 3pm, i had just about had it. my mind decided to go on strike.

so i sat down and watched 'the hangover'.

i must say – damn smart move.

except i have one complaint. for a movie that's suppose to be about a wild stag in vegas, there was just a tad too much male nudity.

honestly – seeing naked breasts from vegas strippers would have been much more pleasant to the eyes then the type of male nudity that was involved in this movie.

yeah – not so attractive. i'm slightly scarred from it, actually.

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6 thoughts on “3 days off

  1. I haven't seen that movie, and now, after reading about the male nudity, I'm not sure I want to. Granted, I have nothing against male nudity in art or films, especially in films based on true stories, but the female form is so much prettier and pleasing to the eye.

  2. I totally agree with you both! About the only part of the man that we want to see unclothed on the screen is from the waist up (one can ascertain this from the hysterical response to Taylor Lautner in New Moon). Now clothed, a nice behind doesn't hurt 🙂

  3. yeah – male nudity can be beautiful. but this definitely isn't a movie where the nudity is anywhere close to art. it's like they picked the most unpleasant male bodies from the movies and showed you their butts. two of them can be described by two words…cottage cheese. *shudder*it was a funny movie, though.:)

  4. true – bradley cooper is a cutie. 🙂 and he looked good decked out in a black suit and black shirt (before all the shit went down! lol!)it is funny, though. let me know what you think after watching it. for me, i actually was surprised that the humour was more sophisticated (mixed w/ some slap-stick humour) as it was. i guess i didn't expect it.

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