back to fallsview, niagara falls

this past weekend, we went back to the sheraton on the falls and the fallsview waterpark.

last time we went, i had complained about the air and water temperatures in the indoor waterpark. when i returned back to the city, i learned that they advertised on their site for the temperatures to be both in the mid-80's, which it was definitely not when we went last.

the manager of the waterpark explained that there was a malfunction of the water pump and when it's that cold outside, it takes a long time for the very large area to heat up.

um… not my problem, lady. if the building isn't insulated properly and you have technical issues, that's something YOU have to deal with. as a customer, we certainly shouldn't have to just say, "oh… okay then. forget my complaint!"

anyway, every email she sent me pretty much pissed me off more. in the end, i was able to get five free tickets to compensate for such a horrible experience.

i brought my parents this time – i was able to snag another great deal at the five-star hotel (only $81 a night for each room). and the bonus of it all was that because the waterpark is connected to the hotel and had my information of the room we stayed in last, the hotel sent a letter of apology as well. when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised that they bumped both rooms (which were adjoining) from traditional rooms to falls view rooms. that's a 2 level upgrade as the cityview rooms are in between the two.

we got a spectacular view of the falls, a much bigger room and bathroom (all both pretty well sized even in the traditional rooms – it's a 4 diamond awarded hotel, after all), and a great sitting area with fireplace.

the waterpark was a much better experience. i was worried – because the weather temperature dropped drastically before the weekend, i was afraid that what the manager had said would be true… that when the temperature outside is that cold, the air and water temperature inside would take a long time to warm up to the optimal level.

thank god that wasn't the case. and without chaeli running around shivering and sporting blue lips like the last time, she wanted to do a LOT more this time around. she even went on the double-tube, big slide ride with doug – which she was afraid to go on before. it basically just made it way more fun for all of us.

my parents had a good time, as well. and while they would never pay the extra for a falls view room, i often found my dad sitting in front of the huge bay window, listening to his ipod while staring off to the two great waterfalls before us. he seemed genuinely happy and peaceful. which made me feel peaceful.

after dinner, we took chaeli back to the canadian midway games and let her spend 2.5 hrs playing. she was tired as hell but definitely had a great time. i took half the tokens and went off on my own every now and then, playing the games that i was good at and yeilded the highest amount of tickets. chaeli and doug got 433 tickets – i got 1029. together, we were able to pool together enough for chaeli to pick out some decent prizes.

chaeli was so zonked after such a long and busy day.

i couldn't resist taking a photo of the position she ended up being in the next morning. note that she did start off vertical. not sure when she decided to angle herself out this way. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “back to fallsview, niagara falls

  1. Good on you for demanding some fair compensation. We've been to Great Wolf a couple times, but I cannot stand their rooms (so overpriced, and really run down) and the only food option on site is their buffet. This looks much, much nicer, maybe we'll try that next time.

  2. the sheraton on the falls has great deals – search or redflag espeically in janurary. the waterpark is great for older kids – not so good for little ones. at GWL, they at least let you go with you kid down some of the bigger slides. at fallsview, only one big slide allows for this.GWL at niagara falls is supposedly nice – which one have you guys gone to? i agree – it is definitely overprices. i have heard that he food sucks. the buffet at sheraton on the falls was a nice buffet. one kid per family eats free between 7:30-11am and 5-6:30pm. additional kids are half off during those times. this is only for people who charge to their room so you have to stay within the hotel. plus you have oodles of options around the area.

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