switching teams

okay, so i finally saw new moon.

and yes, i'm switching teams. no longer am i team edward – team jacob all the way, baby. and it's got nothing, this time around (shocking!) to do with crushes or six-packs… its simply that i just really liked the pack of wolves as they develop in character, over the pale-faced, over-dramatic cullens.

as for the movie – i liked it. just as twilight, it was definitely not phenomenol but very entertaining. and if you're not or have never been a tween or young teen girl, you probably won't like it at all. i hear a HUGE amount of my male friends completely bash us ladies for liking this and all i want to say to them is, "yeah, okay. so when was the last time YOU were female and 16?" i just wish they would fess up – i mean, i know 14 year old boys who have come out and admitted that the reason they hate edward cullen is because he leaves them with even less of a chance with getting girls to like them back.

JEALOUSY! admit it guys – that's what it comes down to!

now where was i. right.

like the first movie, i liked it better then the book. i didn't have to listen to bella sulking. or jacob for that matter. in fact, jacob was such a likeable character – not at all like in the books. it's almost like they re-wrote his character for the screen.

the action was better then the first movie – i suppose because it was under a different director. it makes me curious enough to see the 3rd movie because there is going to be a huge battle scene. and if this was a taste of what's to come, i'm looking forward to some of the action.

no spoilers – but lets just say that the ending didn't do it for me.

and i still think robert pattison needs a hiarcut.

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9 thoughts on “switching teams

  1. I saw this in the theater when it first came out and then again last night on DVD. My husband watched it for the first time last night. He was a bit confused. He kept saying Edward looked like Brandon Walsh from the old 90210 days. I had to agree a bit. I have always been Team Jacob. Just more interesting to me than the vampires who just seem boring.

  2. I cannot wait to see it. My girls and I have read all of the books. I have one daughter in love with Jacob, one in love with Edward, and one on the fence. I must admit that Jacob is much "hotter" but Edward has his mysterious moments as well. We loved the books, although book two was very depressing for the first half so I can see how the movie would be better. My 11 year old even made it through all four books, as did my 15 year old daughter who does not like to read. That says a lot right there!! I could not put the books down either. So I agree with you, Shy, these books and movies are fun for us women. My daughters did about die when I admitted that I thought Jacob was "hot." I guess they thought Mom's had lost their eyesight or something, LOL!!

  3. lol! we may be moms but we're still allowed to notice certain levels of hotness. πŸ™‚ to be honest, i've always had a thing for john cusack. but lately, i don't know – it's all about ryan renolds. ever since i saw him shirtless in 'the proposal' i can't help but to be a bit ga-ga over him.
    john cusack is just a carry-over of my teen years. i hearted him from 'say anything' (80's teen romance, but of course) and have been faithful every since. haha!
    i've read all the books as well. to be honest, the 3rd and 4th were my favourite. a lot of people didn't like the fourth but i did. it was darker – probably why i liked it more and more. i need a bit of edge.
    as for why men don't get it – it's the bad-boy image! both edward and jacob are bad boys that are good. we've all dreamed of being with that bad boy at one time or another.
    they might not be the one we marry in the end, but there's the fantasy of that forbidden type of relationship.

  4. wow – okay. yes, i do see the resemblence with brandon walsh! tell your husband that he's now reuined it COMPLETELY for me! the only thing edward had going for him was that bad boy image which brandon walsh NEVER had! lol!
    the 3rd movie is coming out on june 30th.
    and i'm still trying to figure out if there is going to be a 4th one. i've heard rumours that goes both ways. that they are definitely not doing a 4th and another saying that it's still in the talking phase.

  5. If I had a choice I wish I hadn't seen New Moon in the theaters. hahaha.. I'm looking forward to watching Eclipse though since I liked the book version. I'm also Team Jacob from the get-go. I still don't get the infatuation with Edward.

  6. yeah – actually, i wished i waited for the twilight dvd rather then seeing it in the theatre. it was one of those spur of the moments thing. i was off on vacation, doug was working and chaeli was in school. i had finished my workout and errands in the morning and had a couple of hours to kill. twilight had already been out for awhile and i figured it was a good time to go – hardly anyone was in the theatre.
    and while it was entertaining, it was a movie i could have waited for on dvd.
    edward, to a teen, is the boy that is unattainable with a side that is wild and almost uncontrollable. the heat in one kiss is almost overly stimulating because of what it could lead to. okay, so maybe the 2nd thing i mentioned is also for us older, would-be cougars if we weren't happily married. πŸ™‚

  7. i just saw it over the weekend and while i know it's super cheesy and the acting is ridiculous, i still loved it! i guess it's because of my love of the series. and because of jacob's shirtless-ness. =D but i did like it better than twilight. i saw twilight in the theaters and couldn't help but laugh at edward's broody/intense moments. but that doesn't stop me from watching it whenever it's on tv. jacob's growing on me more but i'm still team edward

  8. edward's cheesy, broody/intense moments made me laugh as well. πŸ™‚
    felt they used a tad too much make-up on him this time aroud.
    he's a vampire – not a woman.

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