NOT a spa. at all!

so several months ago or so, this new 'spa' place opened up at the corner of a very tiny strip mall, close to where i work.

i'm always looking for close-by spa's. both from home and work. how great would it be to treat myself a few times a year to a manicure or half an hour massage during my lunch break?

anyway, so i noticed it when it first opened and then simply forgot about it. a couple of weeks ago, i was sitting at the traffic lights across from it and took a really good look at it.

hmm… it does have the word 'spa' in it's title. but the glass windows and doors are all blacked out. and they have the word 'massage' printed in large, bright pink letters. in fact, they have this printed out more then once in various sections of their multi-window entrance.

i also noticed a website, so i went home and visited their site.

sure enough – things like 'asian' and 'massage' and 'new girls every day' were staring back at me.


good thing i never made an appontment, eh? πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “NOT a spa. at all!

  1. ugh – unfortunately, they exist. i don't care if they exist. i would just rather they all exist together in some type of red light district or something. which we don't have here in canada. but they seem to find there ways in industrial/business like areas. i guess thier demograhics are business men?

  2. they are against the law which is why they cover up by being a 'spa'. it's so weird because if you read their services, they talk about massages you would find in any legit spa – shiatsu, swedish, hot stones, etc.but then there is the section that describes each girl there including MEASUREMENTS! ack!i went further into it – i googled up some communities about such massage parlours and there were places that was more descriptive as to their services – including blow-job, hand-job and FS. i have know idea with FS stands for, though. i don't think i want to know. :/

  3. My husband did a search on "FS" and learned it means "full service." I'll just leave it at that. :|I can't believe these places aren't closed down by law enforcement. It's not like they are very discrete with their advertising. Totally ruins the meaning of "spa" IMO.

  4. full service – i don't know why i didn't figure that one out on my own. oye!you're right. it reuins it for legit spa's. and more so, for registered massage therapists that are trying not only to make a decent living but to also help people as what they do is part of therapy for soft tissue strains and aches.especially if you go to one whom specializes in sports massage therapy. really good… i've used it many times in the past to help heal sore muscles from an intensive period of training and dragon boat racing, so that i can be in my top form for the next race.

  5. Wow…I guess that is not so great that my name on here is Freedom Smith and that can be shortened to FS. Oops. I did not realize that would be a bad thing, hahaha. Live and learn πŸ™‚

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