enjoying the march sun while it lasts

we had a gorgeous weekend of sunshine! a much needed type of sunshine and almost spring-like weather after days and days of winter grey. and we've got a lot of rain coming up the end of this week, dumping down for most of next week as well. i think saturday is calling for 15-20mm of rain. they're forecasting for just one dry day with partial sun for next week. and then another snowfall. crazy weather. i should be use to it. but i'm not. not completely.

anyway, this past weekend, on the saturday, we went to cathy's son's 3rd birthday party. they had it at their house with a very cool visit from u-hoo the clown. she came to her daughter's 5th birthday party. as mentioned before, i'm not a big fan of clowns but this clown was different. she's not made up in a scary way and has the most sweetest and most charming personality! with a cute giggle and witty remarks, the kids just ate her up! chaeli, especially was almost right by u-hoo the entire time.

as for the party itself, the adult side, i was actually enjoying it quite a bit. i even felt like myself and almost forgot about how sad i've been feeling lately. i suppose i don't want to jinx myself but maybe this fog is lifting and i'll be able to feel good again.

on sunday, we woke up earlier then normal and headed down to high park where doug went for a run while chaeli and i visited the zoo (have to visit the highland 'coos' – scottish cows, in other words) and then to the castle-playground. i forgot my camera, which is just as well. it's somewhat muddy and grey there and will look much more gorgeous in the spring time.

here's some photos from last spring:

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3 thoughts on “enjoying the march sun while it lasts

  1. I am glad you had a wonderful day! I feel the way you do, about clowns. It is good to know that there is a good clown out there that the children enjoy! The playground in your pictures is gorgeous….very interesting lines and shapes. What a fun place to play! I hope things continue to go well for you. I know how good it feels when the fog lifts!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great weekend and, especially, that your sadness is starting to lift. I wish you all the best, and hope you get more sunshine, both weather-wise and emotionally. *hugs*

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