i'm surprised to say this – because i was always so awful at it. always clumsy and inflexible.

but maybe it's because i've lost a lot of weight. and that i've gotten so much stronger through my bodypump class.

all of the sudden, after a few introductory classes, i'm madly head over heels about it!

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5 thoughts on “yoga

  1. i tried. but i just dont' like it.anything that makes me stay still–eventho it is challenging. i just rather do mycardio and cross training and such??i'm glad you like it tho. i have a really badlower back and *should* do more yoga butas i said, i gave it a few tries and lost interest.

  2. i use to think the same way as you. but my workouts are pretty intensive, switching up with strength circuit training, cardio and also a session of power weight lifting a week. i'm on for five days in a row. and from what i've found, yoga and/or pilates is actually a really good component to cross-training. so i do it on my 6th day of workouts.basically, i've found that if i have balance, flexibility and good core strength, everything else i do gets better. even the dude from p90x says that while everything he does is important, yoga has become the powerhouse and centre of it all. i think he said, "i can do all those things BECAUSE of yoga.". and he's crazy fit with both strength and cardio! :)if you don't like yoga, have you tried pilates? it's excellent for core strength, which will help your lower back. and there's more movement then in yoga (unless you are doing power yoga).

  3. thanks shy, i've tried pilates as well andalso find it very boring. =( haha! altho i dowork on core and balance with my trainer, butnot in exercises similar to yoga or pilates.and of course, the main thing is flexibility, whichi don't work on as much other than the requisitestretches. i think it's great that you enjoy it. almosteveryone i know does.

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