took four days off to attach to the family day holidy on monday. and while i did a lot of fun things, like going over to tko and trish's place, with rvx present as well, for some take-out thai and wine, or how i had a belly full of asian food with my parents mid-week, or even today, where i went to the windsor arms hotel to have high tea with cathy, i'm going to spend more time listing the things of nothingness that i did. simply because the week went by so quickly, that i didn't get a chance to have as much solitude where i could do all these little things just for me.

though one thing i will first point out was my luxury of going to the gym everyday, usually in the mornings right after i dropped chaeli off at school.

so, here's my list:

Extreme Vinyl Cafe
Kafka on the Shore

– took two brisk walks

– stopped in starbucks almost every day after my workout

– started to read new book – kafka on the shore, by haruki murakami

– continued to read short stories from stuart mclean's extreme vinyl cafe

– watched a LOT of olympics – especially speed skating and curling

– played way too many fb games (ready to take a break)

– stopped in to a couple of mc d's to purchase different olympic mascots happy meal toys (chaeli and i are trying to collect all eight)

– socialized with some of the fitness instructors (since i wasn't rushing off after the end of class)

– and most importantly, started my first page in my doodle all year book by taro gomi; in fact, as you can see from the below photo, i did a weird butterfly.

Doodle All Year
Taro Gomi

strangely enough, i seemed to have run out of time to do a few things i had planned on doing – like shopping, playing with the wii, playing sims 2 and taking in a movie or two on dvd.

it just goes to show you – even with all that free time, one can still find themselves pretty occupied and even busy.

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