it’s a tigress, heart-filled, olympic spirit weekend

our weekend has been somewhat relaxing, somewhat social and somewhat secluded. as busy as that might sound, it's actually been quite relaxing.

doug and i had our own valentine celebration friday night. my parents took chaeli just for a one-night sleepover (as opposed to two nights) giving doug a chance to buy me a bouquet of flowers and make me a bbq chicken dinner. it was lovely. and while we might have, any other year, made the night a romantic one, we ended up eating while watching the open ceremony of the vancouver 2010 olympics. after eating, we went downstairs to the basement and watched it on the big screen.

not a really bad way to start our weekend if you ask me. 🙂

he also bought me a heart-shaped box of lindt truffles and tube of dark chocolate lindt balls filled with a raspberry-chocolate creme. REALLY GOOD! i feel sort of bad. we had agreed on small presents this year so i only bough thim mocha cocoa powder from starbucks – thought he appeared to be really surprised and said he loved it. he's a sucker for chocolate milk so every year, i try to find some different type for him to try out.

saturday, we had our big new year's eve feast at my aunt's place. i prepared for it. big time. i went to my bodypump class in the morning at the women's gym above the superstore, did a quick shop for milk and laundry detergent, then drove to another gym location to go to my very first bodyflow class.

as with the bodypump class, this is another les mills branded fitness class. but i've been really dying to try this one. the only problem is that it's not usually on when i can go. and i feel bad going most saturday's because it would be more then just a couple of hours away from doug and chaeli. however, since doug was out of town for the day and chaeli was at my parents place, i figured… why not?

it was great – it's the one element i'm missing. with warm-up and cool-down using tai chi, it goes into hatha yoga, power yoga and pilates for the ab portion. of course, i'm not sure how i can squeeze in a class once a week but doug and i might bring chaeli to their child minding room which is more then just babysitting. it's time for kids to also get active as the centre is focused on active play. anyway, it looks pretty cool.

by the time dinner rolled around, i was famished. we ate an extreme amount of hot pot and i got a bit drunk from the wine.

this morning, we woke up and headed out to a country store called 'white feather' for brunch. we also bought a cheese loaf, a garlic cheese loaf for tonight, and a strawberry pie – also for tonight, if we're hungry enough. we came back and let chaeli open her v-day loot bag that we prepared for her (and i emphasize the world 'we' as doug bought half of the stuff for her this year – yeay!) and then spent a good majority of our time watching the 3000 women's speed skating – taking in our bronze medal victory.

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