heroes – big time rant

no, i'm not ranting about the quality of the show, even though i know it's not the best. but it IS one of the few shows out there that geeks like myself can hang on to. otherwise, it will just be another drama centered around a hospital or ferensics lab. not that i'm opposed to such shows but come on! first, it was the trend of reality shows, now, it's either some hospital drama or CSI-whatever.

heroes is my saving grace for something different.

anyway, my main rant, without any spoilers, is that last night was the final episode of the season.


it's the beginning of february for goodness sakes!

what happened to the days where a season would start when the school year starts and run until at least mid-spring? i mean, this is SUCH a rip-off!

ugh. i'm so upset. i mean, now what am i going to do on monday nights?

thank god the 2nd part of the V mini-series starts the last monday of march.


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8 thoughts on “heroes – big time rant

  1. i read somewhere that heroes is not doing very well in the ratings and so they ordered fewer episodes of that. do you watch LOST? it's way up there in the geek quotient, and is a much better show. but if you're looking for something for monday nights, i recommend HIMYM, ftw. neil patrick harris is in that. enough said. 🙂

  2. HIMYM? i'm horrible at acronyms. please translate. 🙂
    i know heroes wasn't doing well in the ratings but ack! i LOVE sylar! *whimper*
    i have not watched lost yet. i will. but it's one of those things where i was too late to start and would rather watch it from the beginning. will be requesting them for my DVD collection. 🙂

  3. HYMYM – right! yes, i have heard about that. i should check it out.
    the guy who plays chuck annoys me. i can't even stand looking at him so i doubt i'll get into that show. 🙂

  4. I hate all the breaks during seasons that seems to be the norm for each TV show nowadays. I miss having one continuous season. I find it really annoying when a series returns from a break only to play 4 episodes then go back onto another break. ARGH!I LOVE Lost! It's definitely geeky and has tons of plot twists and complexity. I caught it from the beginning when reruns were playing on another network (TNT, FX or Syfy, I can't remember which one). I've been addicted ever since. Jeremy even got addicted after being drawn in when I watched it while he was in the room. It's not superhero geeky, of course, but it's definitely worth it.I haven't seen Chuck or Big Bang Theory, but I do intend to see Big Bang Theory as I've heard a lot of good reviews about it. I don't know anything about Chuck, though.

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