sucked into 24 – every hour of it

damn it.

i'm addicted again.

the last season doug and i watched was season 4. we liked it but decided to take a break from it. the ridiculous hours we would stay up watching it and the 'chunk-chunk' timer sound that would play in my head ALL DAY LONG!

i don't know what possessed me to do it but last week, i was cleaning and remembered that my dad recorded it onto his pvr and then transferred it onto dvd's for me. he's done that for all the seasons so i know i have all the seasons including the current one that he is recording.

cathy will tell you that she never understood my crush after jack bauer. and friends continually do not get that it's NOT keifer sutherland that i ever crushed after. as usual, my crush extends to the character. because since the last 24 addiction, i didn't even bat an eyelash at the thought of sutherland. even when i first started watching season five last week, i was thinking, "meh. he doesn't do it for me anymore."

but now? as we get into the storyline?

well, lets just say i had a very interesting dream last night.

about jack bauer.

and the reason why jack bauer rocks my world? bad boy image but really good at heart… dangerous, therefore, unattainable (unless you don't mind having your life put on the line)… but no matter what crap he's going through, i mean, as usuall, he's in the middle of ending a terrorist act that could kill hundred's of thousands, and yet he still has those 20 seconds to tell the woman that he loves how he feels about her. and last night's episode that we watched played out that way. no wonder i had the dream!

we're definitely much more controlled now. i'll only allow us to watch two episodes at most per night – one if we start late. and we're not watching it every night either.

am still loving chloe, the CTU computer genius! i'd consider never watching it again if they got rid of her.

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2 thoughts on “sucked into 24 – every hour of it

  1. Oh I totally agree about Jack. He's the guy to have around for so many reasons. We TiVo it and then watch it at an earlier time the next night. I love Chloe also – that started because she is a fellow Aussie.

  2. unfortunately, he's also the guy to have around if you have a death wish! lol! it's too risky being his loved one. bad people will use you to get to him. but… i wouldn't be asking for a relationship with him. just one night – that can't be so bad, right? just one night? šŸ˜‰
    oh damnit. forgot – this damn wedding band wouldn't allow that to happen. i suppose that's what fantasies are for. *sigh*

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