random stuff

  • eddie, the gym-stalker lady, seems to be MIA as of lately. it doesn't mean she won't show up again. this has happened before. where she will be gone up to a month or two at a time and then come back, trying to get advice from me about how to lose weight. one of these days, i should just yell back at her, "COME TO THE GYM MORE CONSISTENTLY!"


  • we have a subdivision of our music tv station where it plays retro videos all day long. so today, i find myself almost in a trance while i watch prince and the revolution's video of their single hit, 'kiss' and am baffled at how i ever thought that this video was anything but weird. 99% of it it is prince gyrating around with no shirt on. it was disturbing. very, very disturbing. and yet, i was unable to peel my eyes from the screen. sort of like self-torture.


  • i finally got to making my donation to the haiti earthquake relief fund through redcross.ca – normally, i'm right on it. there's a slew of charities i wish i had the time and money to donate to. we set up our charity amount to sick kid's hospital so it's automatic once a month. so that's easy. but one thing i usually am good at is doing a donation through the redcross almost immediately after a natural disaster has happened, anywhere from around the world. i was slower this time but better late then never.


  • lately, i've been needing more solitude then before. life is so busy, though. but there's so much i've been meaning to do at home. i want to do more craft, both alone and with chaeli. i want to bake, cook – without doug's help. because doug already does an amazing job cooking for us. but what i mean is, i want to set aside a day where i get the kitchen to myself for the whole afternoon – so i can make something for him and chaeli. and i am behind on downloading my photos from my camera and sorting through them.


  • i miss my best friend like crazy.

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One thought on “random stuff

  1. I couldn't help but think of my father when reading about Eddie. Jeremy and I bought him a 3-year gym membership because my dad seemed genuinely interested in getting in shape. He only went with me 3 times out of all those years. Thankfully, his membership expires next month.I hope you get the alone-time you deserve. Sometimes, that's all that's needed to recharge the spirit. I'm sorry you miss your best friend so much. I hope you hear from her a LOT and that time will mend the void. *hugs*

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