how i’ve been wasting my time…

not that i have a lot of time to waste but sometimes, before going to bed or on the off chance i get an hour or two on a weekend to veg out, i've been quite the little gamer. and i say 'little' as opposed to 'hardcore' because when i think of hardcore gaming, i'm reminded of my guy friends who are on either their xbox or ps3, playing those rpg games where they can find each other online and play together.

i'm not that advanced. nor do i want to be.

my games are simple – clean, pg-rated and requires as much little thinking as possible.

when chaeli goes to bed, sometimes i play with her nintendo ds. she only has three games – star wars clone wars, which is too difficult for her as it's recommended for age ten an up (not sure what my parents were thinking when they bought that for her), super mario bros and the main hit right now, puffin island adventures.

i have to admit that puffin island is addictive. and it's also easy for young kids because it's basically miniature games in the storymode. the more you go about getting higher grades in each level of a minigame, the more levels you unlock. in between it, there are these extra quests that are easy enough for kids. which is the new challenge with gaming – as a parent, i want her to play with games that she can actually play, rather then feel defeated.

i probably play the wii more then chaeli, though that might change come her birthday when my aunt and uncle will be getting her toy story mania (influenced by disney world's ride in hollywood studio). some of my faves included HSM sing it, we ski and board, mario kart, and ddr 3:


i'm surprised, though, that my latest fave is sims2 castaway, which i got for dirt cheap at a used gaming store (only $14.99 plus a small discount that came with my free membership). the reason why i'm surprised is that when i first started playing, i wasn't all that impressed. i guess i was use to the usual gameplay with the regular sims2 on my pc. still, while the features are similar, i soon learned about the new strategies and now i'm hooked.

so far, i've managed to build myself a simple house, along with a bed, easy chair and dining chair, a fishing rod, a new top and bottom (as my original clothes i arrived in is now getting tattered – i'm working on creating a sewing kit, though), an ax, a torch, a work bench and a simple rattle (required to appease my leisure skills by playing an instrument). i've befriended three chimps of which i've given a name to all three and have been able to find almost all vegetation (both edible or for use in another way), a few fish species, plant and wood material and some artifacts (which i'm not sure what to do with just yet).

yup! tis the exciting life i lead. šŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “how i’ve been wasting my time…

  1. Fun post!I have about an hour to myself before I go to bed at night. My choices are either: read, play DS, upload music to my ipod or play my PSP. The Mario games are fool proof. All of them are fun. I'm playing Mario & Luigi: Inside Bowser at the moment.

  2. i like to play DS after the kids go down too! my latest fave is "style savvy"- totally mindless, but girly and fun. my character dresses better than i do in real life! how sad is that? :p

  3. so you recommend style savvy? because i've seen it and it's not too expensive.
    mindless fun is the only way to get right before bedtime. šŸ™‚

  4. i do love sims2 but i rarely have time to play with it. but i would probably get sims3. reason being, you can walk/drive over to your neighbours house. you couldn't do that before – if you wanted to go to a neighbour's place, you had to switch to a family member in that household to activate that house.
    both graphics are so much better in sims1 – and the intelligence of each sims persoanlity traits and relationships is far more complex. also, your sims starts off as a baby and grows old – eventually, dying. of course, if you don't want your sims to grow old, there's a cheat to stop the aging process.

  5. yeah, i do recommend style savvy. the beginning part can get a bit repetitive (hence, the mindless part), but once you get better, it gets more interesting and you'll get to run your own boutique! btw, i was just thinking, you should try "scribblenauts" if you haven't already. it's great fun. think: fairly simple puzzle solving game where you can create your own tools- by TYPING in anything you want. and it will appear on the screen for your character to use! the fun part is typing in non-conventional, non-obvious things for the character to solve the puzzles with. šŸ™‚

  6. scribblenauts is really original I spent weeks playing it although it's spoiled by the control system, have you noticed the ooze monster can beat up every other monster in the game !

  7. haha. i have not tried "ooze monster" yet! but i am disappointed with how there are no control settings for "time machine." did i ask to go back to medieval times? no! :p

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