geeks cost money

i showed my friend the post about what we got for christmas.

he joked that he's a 42 year old looking to be adopted by us.

i told him that while it's true, chaeli is a handful for us, the real reason we would never adopt him is that geeks are far more expensive then kids.

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6 thoughts on “geeks cost money

  1. SO true! In our house we have 2 MacBooks, every video game console, tons of games, BOOKSBOOKSBOOKS and digital camera equipment. My husband wants to the get the new Apple tablet when it comes out and I want the Nikon D5000.

  2. i actually put my geek needs before my clothing needs. ha! 🙂 i don't update my wardrobe as often as i should. when i'm starting to get desperately out of style, i make myself watch 'what not to wear' so i can get inspired to go out and shop (i hate clothes shopping).

  3. HAHA!! Geeks are so much more expensive than kids. Seraphine comes first but Mommy and Daddy's geekerific purchases have no curbed even with just one income! We live for our games and DVDs ^^;

  4. That's so true with us. We have each game console, a computer per person, PDA phones, tons of books etc, yet we rarely update our wardrobe except when our current garments are near tatters. *L*

  5. i like keeping an old tattered shirt around. especially over-sized t-shirts to sleep in. i'll patch it up over and over again until it just can't be patched up anymore.

  6. I like sleeping in very cheap men's undershirts (because they're cheaper than women's). I wear them until they get too thin and torn to cover modestly. Why spend a lot of money on pajamas or sleepwear when no one else is going to see it? *L*

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