christmas goodies – our loot

we were all extremely impressed with santa this year. as well as with each other. the presents were great! fun and with many surprises.

there’s too many to post but i’m going to include some highlights…

highlights of my loot:


i also got a cool duvet cover, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap and lotion, from bath and body works, aromatherapy oils from bodyshop, a UV filter for my nikon DSLR, pj’s, dress socks and a home made candle from my MIL (from beeswax – smells good).

highlight from doug’s loot:

doug also received socks, additional add-ons for his train sets, pj pants and underwear.

highlights from chaeli’s loot:


of course, that’s just a portion of what she got – never mind the jewellery, lip balm, hair accessories, pj’s, tights, activities books, craft projects, olympic 2010 water flask for kids, etc. the list really does go on.

we also got this casserole traveling kit which are different sizes/shapes of sleeves to cover and carry the casserole with. and we each got the red, olympi mitts which are great! it’s lined with fleece:

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13 thoughts on “christmas goodies – our loot

  1. Great gifts! Like Doug, I also got the Magic Bullet. Trying to return it but I don't know where it was bought. I got the Deluxe edition that no one seems to carry.

  2. you did make out like bandits!that black eyed peas cd kicks ASSim in love with almost every single song.when i first listened to it i was afraid i wouldnt get into all the songs.but i was wrong.hope you love it all!

  3. Grammy and Grampy bought Jake and Josh those olympic mittens too- SOOOOO COOL! and we have had snow here (twice) over the last week, so we've used them……And Im glad to see Chaeli got Mouse trap! GREAT game!

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