sad dream with funny ending

an email i wrote to ada this morning:

so last night, i dreamt that hoa and you split up. i was very upset. i tried to talk some sense into him but without any luck.
after learning that you guys were splitting, helen puts out the message that SHE's interested in hoa. i told this to hoa adding, "can you believe that? i mean, that's just crazy!"
then hoa said, "helen? really? hmmm…."
"you can't be serious!"
"you're actually considering dating her?"
"yeah… i think i'll ask her out."
"hoa, you can NOT do that!"
"why not?"
"because! it's wrong! how can you do this to ada. if you do this, i can't be your friend anymore!"
"well… i'm sorry, shireen. but this is what i want to do."
and then i was thinking, WAAAAH i lost hoa as a friend!
i was all crying and weepy.
then you and helen have a talk and you came to me to say, "it's okay, shireen. i'm totally fine with hoa asking helen out."
and i was all, what? what the hell is going on? why is everything so upside down?
more crying and weeping.
then i find myself being bella from twilight but dating troy from high school musical. and we were coming out to the school that we were dating (like in the twilight movie – shocking everyone) but we did it in sort of a musical number style on stage in the cafeteria.
that 2nd part was probably a different dream.

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