the month of december

christmas is just three days away. it's unbelievable how time has flown. these past three months have been like a blur.

what have we been up to to make time go so fast?

well, in the past few weeks:

as noted previously, the first saturday of the month, we found ourselves at what is fast becoming the annual christmas party for our friends. steve and cor hosted the deep fried turkey and kid's secret santa exchange at their place. as usually – yummy food and great memories.

the weekend after, we went to see stuart mclean's christmas show. for those of you unfamiliar with this author, i suggest you give him a go. the first book i ever read of his was vinyl cafe: unplugged. both sweet and funny. he doesn't write novels, really. more like short stories. but the short story centres around one family – dave, morley, sam, stephanie and arthur, the dog. as well as some neighbours that seem to cross paths with dave and morley's family quite a bit. his earlier work seemed a bit rough so i would probably not start off with his first couple of publications.

anyway, the concert was a hit. he brought the house down with a story from his most recent book, "extreme vinyl cafe." he also featured two canadian musicians. one whom i really liked by the name of matt anderson, who has a booming voice. anderson did probably the best 'holy night' i've ever heard.

this past friday night, i threw my best friend, ada, a surprise party, congratulating her on obtaining her ph D. she thought i was throwing a christmas party with just her friends but had no clue that i had also invited two of her cousins (and their respective spouses and kids), her parents, her younger brother and her best friend from dragon boating.

when she walked in and saw what we had done, she actually had to walk back out, turn to her husband and ask in complete shock, "hoa… do you know what's going on? what's going on? what's happening?"

awesome! i was stressed that she would find out and it's been difficult because i had been seeing her every weekend since the last weekend of november. i was so worried i'd let something slip.

anyway, the party was great. i haven't hosted such a large event (24 adults and 12 kids) in such a long time (not including chaeli's birthday parties held at indoor playgrounds where we get a host or two to do a lot of the leg work) that i found myself a bit lost in what to do. and planning a party for an adult is so very different, in my opinion, from throwing a party for a preschooler. and the last time i threw such a party mainly for an adult (or adults) was back several years back – the 2000 new years party and the jack and jill for ada/hoa. i've had bbq gatherings and potlucks since then, but those were of a smaller group.

so yes – i found myself quite nervous.

i think it went well, though. everyone seemed to have a good time. i tried to keep it casual – nothing too fancy. it was meant to just be a nice, intimate and cozy gathering.

the next day, the saturday, doug, chaeli and i went downtown by subway to watch disney on ice.

we've seen this one before two years ago – the princess classics. but even the 2nd time around, it was good. in fact, it was better. we bought better seats – a section better which ended up being only $39 ea. and 12 rows from the rink. not bad, considering the first 3 rows right at the rink are $80 ea.

afterwards, we went right back uptown and stopped at a small japanese restaurant for some really good, quality food for a very decent price.

chaeli was so tired. she hardly slepted the night before and because the show was at 3pm, she missed her nap. by the end of our meal, her eyes were almost half shut. but it was some of her favourite food and she was hungry. so she forced herself to stay awake just to eat as much as she could.

by the time we drove underground into our parking lot, she was out.

she slept almost 14 hours that night.

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