people really do read my fb status updates…

this past saturday, we had our annual 'deep fried turkey and kid's secret santa exchange' party at steve and cor's house.

what a good party – i just felt like a huge release being there with good friends. laughing and talking and best of all – the kids are so good at playing on their own now. they spent most of the time in the basement with each other. ah bliss!

an important lesson learned within five minutes of arriving – even though i think people never read my facebook status updates, they SO read them.

within the first hour, the following facebook statuses by yours truely was discussed:

– that i admitted to staring at zac efron's 6-pack in '17 again'
– that i love red, orange and yellow peppers, but am not fond of green peppers
– that i almost went to see 'new moon' on my own

i think the highlight of the night was the guys chin-up contest. boys will be boys, after all.

afterwards, steve l. said, "i'm very disppointed with myself. hoa! i should hire you to train me back into shape."

to which hoa's reply was, "okay. but you HAVE to listen to me. if i tell you to do a push-up, you can't just say, 'bah! why bother?'"

hoa totally had steve l. pinned on that one because that's EXACTLY the type of thing steve l. would say.

and i think it's these little conversations of parties that seems to stick with me the most. the kind where a smaller group is off to the side, chatting and having a good laugh or two.

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