culture at kultura

after the annual SCAW (sleeping children around the world) charity concert, we finally had a chance to try roger mooking's kultura restaurant. like his other restaurant, nyood (pronounced 'nude'), it's like a tasting menu where you share as a group.

oh yum. definitely a good choice. the only problem was that there were so many yummy items that we over-ordered. at the same time, the plus side is that the next time i go back, i'll have a clearer idea of what i want to focus on.

our crazy, long list (including appetizer, main menu items and dessert):

Edamame – Miso, Black Bean

Scallops with Gow Gee – Braised Beef Cheeks, soy Emulsion, Cripsed Shallots

Mushroom Orecchiette – Mailvoire Pinot Noir Pear Chutney, Aged Cheddar

Peppered Tuna Carpaccio – Daikon, Sesame Oil, Mizuna Cress, Miso Crisp

Naan – Garlic, Black Onion Seed, Harissa Yogurt

Indian Samosas – Shitake Mushroom, Pine Nuts, Truffled Paneer, Tamarind Date Chutney

Miso Black Cod – Yuzu Corn Puree, Pickled Radish Salad, Crystallized Tamarind

Crispy Tofu – Miso Consomme, Shitake, Garlic Chips

Chicken and Gnocchi – Rice Crunch, Spring Peas, Peppered honey

Black Quinoa Cursted Lamb Loin – Roasted Salsify, Gai Lan, Maple Gastrique

Chocolate Delice – Salted Caramel, Sesame Nougat, Twizzler Ice Cream

Flourless Chocolate Cake – Chocolate Pudding, Caramel Parfait, Frozen Lemon Curd

Vanilla Sugar Doughnut Holes – Caramel and Chocolate Dipping Sauce

keep in mind, for a lot of it, we had to order two as there were about 5 adults and chaeli, whom loved the food that she tried but was a bit disappointed that roger mooking himself wasn't there to greet her (he's one of her favouirte 'cookers' as she likes to call it, from okay, i admit it. i was disappoint too, even though i knew full well that he wouldn't be there.

my favourite was the black cod, mushroom orecchiette and the tuna carpaccio. the tofu and scallops were also amongst some of my faves.

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2 thoughts on “culture at kultura

  1. Oooh. That menu sounds so enticing! The Naan and the Chicken and Gnocchi sound so yummy.Was the Twizzler ice cream Twizzler flavored or was it like a vanilla base with Twizzler pieces?But, OMG, how much did all this cost?! I took a look at some of their prices, and think that while some items are decently prices others are somewhat high. Then again, I'm cheap. LOL! I'd probably over-order, too. Either way, I wish there was a similar restaurant near me. I must remember to try out Kultura and Nyood if/when I'm ever in Toronto. 🙂

  2. the twizzler was a very, very light taste of black licorice. i didn't think i would like it but i LOVED it!
    it's a definite, must-try. of course, if you are in toronto, i'd be up for for a meet-up at kultura! 🙂
    it did cost a bit more more then your average outing, but much more affordable then other 'tasting-menu' type restaurants. especially as the chef is pretty well-known in the foodie scene. keep in mind, we also ordered a few too many. i could have done without the doughnut dessert (but that was more for chaeli) and the lamb (even though it was so good – just too dense after all the other types of food). i forgot to add to the above, we also ordered this chinese bbq pork that wasn't on the menu – same as the lamb, good but too heavy. and we ordered like two of each of everything except for just a couple of dishes!!
    with alcohol, cappucino, tip and tax, it came out to $95 per person. now, if you ordered more wisely (they recommend how many dishes to get depending on what you order as some dishes are just more heavier then others), you probably don't need to spend more then five dishes between two people – plus a dessert (and you can share one dessert because it is so rich). you could probably walk away spending a $100-125 for as the total bill per couple ($125 being if you order a couple of glasses of wine).

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