quiet weekend

our plans changed for the weekend and ended up being a very quiet one at home. which was just as well – we have so many busy weekends up ahead so a little break won't hurt.

i ended up being the first to be awake on a saturday morning. i quickly packed my gym bag and away i went to my bodypump class. and because the women's gym was on top of the 2nd floor of the superstore, i decided to do some grocery shopping afterwards. convenience at it's finest!

the rest of the afternoon was lazy. after lunch, we were all in the living room… chaeli playing her leapster games, doug reading the paper and me… well, i was reading something. but my eyes were so heavy that after awhile, i just leaned into doug and closed them for a bit.

i think that was my favourite part of the day. sitting on that couch with the two people that i love, just taking in the quietness and peace. but… i couldn't take it much longer. i was just that tired. i ended up going up stairs and napping for almost an hour an a half!

being completely lazy, we ordered in swiss chalet and then watched Up.

sunday wasn't as lazy, though. we got up and went to the zoo for a stroll, and then went shopping. i ended up treating myself to DDR3 for the wii and man… i suck! hopefully, with practice, i'll be a dancing queen but until then, lets just say i'm glad that i'm doing this in the privacy of my basement, away from the public eye.

anyway, it was one of those interesting weekends where nothing significant happened. instead, it was filled with a lot of little things. but for whatever reason, it's those little things that sometimes gives me that exhilerated feeling.

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5 thoughts on “quiet weekend

  1. so you're a fan of swiss chalet as well? 🙂 they have the festive special right now – the quarter chicken meal comes with stuffing, cranberry sauce and a box of 6 different lindt chocolates! yum!

  2. I'm glad you finally had a peaceful, relaxing weekend. Cuddling my husband on the couch and relaxing with loved ones nearby is my favorite thing in the world. It's an awesome way to rejuvenate and bond. 🙂

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