burlington bridge, pulled pork sandwiches and a very yappy (but cute) dog…

last night, we went to hamilton, which is just over an hour away from toronto, for a very fun potluck dinner party.

doug made pulled pork in a slow cooker. there was little time to cook so we figured something we could slow cook overnight would be our best option. we brought some fresh dinner rolls so people could make their own sandwiches. it turned out to be a hit! thankfully, we made so much that we have leftovers for tonight.

the hosts were anthony and kay, plus their two boys and their very anxious and shy chihaha, coco. poor thing was out of sorts with so many people on her territory that she spent a good majority of the beginning and end of the night, yapping away. i tried to get her to warm up to me but everytime i offered my hand to sniff, she would run away.

we spent some time playing rock band – i got a chance to try out the beatles for the first time. excellent – very well made! i was especially impressed with the animated intro to the game.

the only problem i have with rock band is that everyone has to sing at least once. and to be honest, none of us from the posse can sing, really. some of us are not too bad but i definitely can speak for myself and say that i'm a tad tone-deaf. and my range in octives is pretty limiting. so unless it's right in my range, it actually hurts to sing. i think it was hoa that turned to me and said, "cool – you guys can sing in harmony for the beatles" to which i said, "yeah… okay, hoa… because i just got better in the past 30 minutes!" :p

one thing about going to hamilton is cross over the burlington bridge. granted, it's not an incredible bridge when compared to the golden gate in the bay area, but there's something i still love about it.

it was a fantastic night. we had a great time catching up with a few people we don't get to see very often.

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