sushi marché, night stroll to gelato and pocoyo

last night was definitely a great social night.

we went to add and hoa's place around 5:30pm, meeting up with di and rick (plus their two kids). the boys went on a test drive with hoa's stick (as rick wanted to get use to it – in a couple of months, he picks up his new audi and it's been awhile since he's driven a stick-shift).

on the way back, the boys picking up an ultra-large order of two sushi platters. from sushi marché – the sushi chef and owner there trained under and worked for iron chef, morimoto. the whole idea behind sushi marché is high-quality sushi and sashimi using market, fresh ingredients for a very reasonable, affordable price. it's a pick-up/take-out only place so the price of a waiting staff and interior sit-down furniture, etc., needn't be added to the price. it's actually, an amazing concept and, from what i've had here in toronto, probaby the best quality sushi ever. and only at $20 per person.

afterwards, we were so stuffed that we decided to take a 15 minute walk to ed's real scoop on queen east where we had one of the best gelato scoops ever! i wasn't able to make up my mind what i wanted so i got a regular cup size of 1/2 lemon and 1/2 coconut gelato.

doug, chaeli and i stayed for about another hour after diane, rick and their kids left. ada and chaeli ended up cuddling on the couth while chaeli introduced pocoyo to ada. very sweet. 🙂

today was a nice, relaxing day as well. we woke up extra late and then headed to the zoo for a late breakfast and a two hour walk. the sun was so nice but very comfortable now that there's no humidity.

i live for weekends like this!

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3 thoughts on “sushi marché, night stroll to gelato and pocoyo

  1. ask for the chef's special – he will prepare the best ingredients he has that day for you. it does start at $50, though, so it's geared for at least 3 people to start with. this is what we ordered (call in advance as this takes more special planning/timing) and asked to do it for 6 adults at around $20 per head. we were very stuffed!

  2. omakase! ya, we were looking at the menu and that intrigued us. Thanks for the recommendation. We're always searching for good sushi in Toronto. I joined vox just to post comments on your blog, haha 🙂

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