a camping we will go…

so we're going camping this weekend. which will be strange because it's only for one night. we leave early saturday morning and come back by mid-sunday afternoon.

it will be strange only because anytime i've gone camping, i'm use to three night. two nights, maybe, if we are really pressed for time, but ideally, it just makes sense for me to do three nights. i don't like the feeling of taking down the tent so soon after putting it up.

but… we're also going to keep it really simply. we're bringing the bare-minimum. and we'll only need to cook two meals – dinner the first night and brunch the morning after. for the daytime of our first day, we'll probably just snack a lot on raw veggies, dip, crackers and cheese. as i said, we want to keep it really simple.

of course, with camping, there's really no such thing as keeping it simple. you need to bring all the requirements. but i suppose we won't worry about too much food. i'm not even bothering with toys and craft supplies for chaeli because if it looks like rain, we're not going at all. and she won't have time to really play as we'll be doing a lot of walks. i also won't bother with swimming gear, mosquito repellent and sun block. it will be too cold for any of those things. our first aid pack is always ready so no need to worry about that.

still, i do worry that this will be a bigger production then doug realizes. he's just so desparate in getting one camping trip in this year. we didn't at all last year and this summer has just flown by.

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4 thoughts on “a camping we will go…

  1. unfortunately, my husband and i have to work. as we just got back from a week-long vacation, neither of us feel right to get another day off. i'm sure my manager wouldn't have any issues but i wouldn't feel good about it. plus… i want to get this big project wrapped up and done with.

  2. actually, it does look like rain for part of the weekend. and as we're going only for one night, that's just not fun (as oppose to going for a few days and only one day has rain). well, we shall see. the weather can change at any time so by tomorrow night, if all the sudden the weather looks better, we will go. 🙂

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