the end of our journey

i'd like to say that we ended of our journey with perfection. unfortunately, poor chaeli has come down with a fever. it didn't develop until we got back to our resort room today. but i knew she was coming down with something (while doug kept on saying that she was just tired – when will dads learn? mommy-psychic powers should never be challenged).

of course, i'm worried that she will have an unpleasant time tomorrow on the way home, as our flight doesn't leave until 6pm. we will try to keep her as comfortable as possible, of course. poor kid. but at the same time, it's good that she didn't get sick at the beginning of the week. she was, at least, able to enjoy disney.

there were some magical moments for her at disney.

the first was her chance to meet five of disney princesses during our character-dining breakfast. she met belle, sleeping beauty, ariel, snow white and cinderella.



then later in the day, while we were visiting 'the living seas' pavilion, one of the employees had just finished lecturing during the afternoon feeding of the fish. she offered to stick around for further questions. before i knew it, chaeli had already run up to her with a good amount of questions. the lady was so impressed with chaeli's enthusiasm that the three of us got offered a special, behind-the-scenes tour. she lead us up a winding stairway where we found ourselves at the very top of the massive aquarium. it was spectacular! and a special privilege. usually, you have to pay for a tour to be in that area. plus, it was a private tour for just the three of us. upon exiting, one of the dolphins swam by just in time to bid us farewell.

we took off first thing thursday morning in search for mickey. what we didn't anticipate was to find both mickey AND minnie. chaeli was beside herself as this was the first time seeing minnie up close and personal.

and as if meeting both mickey and minnie were not enough (as well as the princesses), she got to see them all come out in a spectacular performance infront of the castle. the 'dream along with mickey' is still a family favourite. i always get a tug in my heart during this show but even more so, i love watching chaeli's facial expressions. 🙂

lastly but not least, we were waiting to line-up for the musical, 'beauty and the best' today, inside hollywood studios, when a disney attendee started to chat chaeli up. she then gave chaeli and us a vip pass which gave us 3rd row and centre seating. at the end of the show, chaeli was lead to the front of the stage where she was presented with a special rose by belle and the beast (turned back to a prince). this rose is only given out five times a day and can not be purchased anywhere else in disney. she was also given a certificate for honourary princesses.

you can imagine how special chaeli was feeling at that moment. 🙂 here is the video capture:

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