chaeli’s new hair

a very popular thing here at disney are for little girls to get get an appointment at the princess hair salon.

for a crazy price, they get hair extensions, hair teased and sparkled, gobs of make-up and then put in to a princess dress.

all on a very hot and melting day. not to mention, they are so made-up that personally, i find it a bit spooky seeing all these little girls in so much make-up.

i did, however, buy these hair-extensions for chaeli at only $10 for one. she has a princess dress and tiara at home. if she wants to, i have no issues having her dressed up on a rainy day or perhaps even for halloween. i have no issues with buying some spray-in sparkles for her hair. or… putting on some light make-up. 'light' being the key word here.

best of all, not on a day were she needs to be in cotton shorts and t-shirt to avoid a heat stroke.

and yes, she loves her new hair extensions and has not complained once about not being dressed ups as a princess. better yet, she hasn't begged or whined to us about buying her something. she might drop hints and ask nicely but when we say 'no' she doesn't put up a fight. in return, we have bought her things that we think are not too expensive. i'll admit that i do love shopping at disney but i want to make sure the gifts are at least going to be put to good use, rather then trinkets that she'll never play with much again. she doesn't need a stick, for example, that flashes lights like crazy to the point of giving us near seizures.

but, i have bought her a very nice, minnie-mouse baseball cap, a matching bracelett and necklace, each with the mickey mouse charm on them, the hair extension (mentioned above), a pencil case she will need for school next year, and of course, minnie mouse ears as that is somewhat traditional. but we bought her different ones from last time. this time, it's a head band with pearl-sequined ears and a white wedding veil.

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5 thoughts on “chaeli’s new hair

  1. i didn't buy it right away. most of my shopping for chaeli has been done near the end of this week. i watched to see how much she really wanted the things she wanted. you know kids – everything excites them! but that minnie mouse ears with the wedding veil… she kept on trying them on everywhere we went. and they really are everywhere. she eyed them like crazy! 🙂

  2. Smart mama! We did the same thing. We didn't buy anything until the end of our trip for the same reasons. The same crap was sold everywhere, and we only wanted her to have some things that were "original" or unique. She only got 3 big souvenirs: she designed her own ears/hat in a store in ToonTown and then had her name embroidered on the back; a "Belle" tshirt and skort set that she wore to the Princess breakfast (her cousin got a Cinderella one) so that they could wear them again in the 'real' world (unlike the princess dresses); and she designed a Build-a-Bear in Downtown Disney (yes we could have done this at home, but there was only one of these stores and the cousins did it all together = memories). And the parents didn't really buy anything for themselves. Why bother? Do I really want to wear a Jack Skellington tshirt once I get back home???

  3. heh. doug and i bought stuff for ourselves. :p but no, i know what you mean. there were a lot of cool apparel and jewellery for adults but that was my same thought – am i really going to wear this at home? or to work???we did buy these hats that i can see myself using on future hiking trips/travel. they are rugged, wide brim hats that look like tilly's. we bought a mug each because we collect mugs. and a christmas ornament as just a memento of this trip. we also bought some stuff for my in-laws as stocking stuffers.good thinking on the clothes for the girls that can be worn both at the character dining and in the real world.

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