spaceship earth – epcot


4 thoughts on “spaceship earth – epcot

  1. i've never been to disneyland california but would love to some day. i've been to disney world about 5 or 6 times now. if you've never been to disney world, i would recommend it. four theme parks, two waterparks and a downtown disney area. we're here until this saturday. just kicking it back at our disney resort and then heading back to magic kingdom tomorrow and friday.

  2. We went to Disneyworld in Dec and LOVED it. We stayed at the All Star Movies resort….Im a disney freak now…..enjoy your time….I posted about our trip with some pics….Im sure you will see the similarities with Florida.

  3. we're at pop century. 🙂 will have to email you about disneyland one day when we go – to get some pointers. mainly, where to stay (because the three disneyland hotels are too pricey.) and yeah – i'm a total disney freak!

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