the EX – canadian national exhibition

after being sick for most of this week, i was relieved to be feeling better by friday. so, we finally got a chance to take chaeli to the CNE for the first time.

we took the GO train down (as she's been wanting to ride 'the green train' for awhile now). the good thing about taking the GO is similar to why we choose to ride the subway/public transit – no need to worry about driving ourselves, no need to worry about finding parking, let alone paying for parking and gas, no need to walk the distance from the parking lot to the main gates as the GO train drops us off at the gates (just a short walk across a small street) and, of course, it's the green way to go.

the day was great – good weather that started off grey and wet but ended off to be a fantastic day. the evening was cooler but i'm not complaining. to be honest, i prefer having to wear a jacket rather then feeling sticky and hot all day in the humidity.

here's a video of chaeli on one of the rides (the one riding the hot pink jeep):

and here's some photos of the day:

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