foodtv chef, last wedding, shopping at 1:30am

well, i shouldn't call it the 'last wedding' but it will be the last wedding for a long time. i still can't believe arvie finally tied the knot! my boy's all grown up! *sniff*

it was a great wedding, though. very simple but memoriable.

as usual, i forget to bring tissue for myself. how very unprepared of me. and i knew i would cry. it was arvie, after all… i balled at tai's and trish's wedding like a little baby – of course i would be tearing up for arvie's!

but the fact remains that out of the original posse members, arvie was the last to get married. it sort of marks the end of an era for us. and while i'm sure we'll all be attending various weddings in years to come, the next wave of weddngs with be our children's. it's hard to imagine but it's true.

the night before, doug and i were feeling adventurous. so we made reservations at roger mooking's (foodtv chef) restaurant, nyood. it was basically a menu of smaller-portioned items meant for sharing. but the portions, while smaller then an entree, were still pretty generous so i wouldn't call them a tasting menu. we were told three items per person and i have to say that i probably could have done one less and still could have been satisfied.

we'll definitely return again, especially to try their brunch menu.

sunday, we had to go up north to my parents' place and pick up chaeli. i didn't want to rush our grocery shopping sunday morning before heading up, so we decided to hit the 24-hour grocery store on our way home from the wedding reception.

there we were, at 1:30am, all dressed up fancy like, and doing our shopping. shopping in heels is challenging as it is. shopping in heels while dead-beat tired is a whole level of challenge.

but… we got it done, got home, and crashed.

and the nice thing was that on sunday, our shopping was done.

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