a wickedly long wicked weedend

it was by far a very good, long civic holiday weekend.

friday night, i came home and cleaned the house almost right away. i should remember to get into the habit of doing this much often because it is so much easier to get it done before my parents come home with chaeli, rather then being interrupted and then picking up where i left off at 10pm (or later) after they leave.

they stayed for three hours first to play jr. scrabble with chaeli, and then just to sit and chat with us.

i was asking them all sorts of questions about our vacation trips we took as a child – most of them being road trips.

it's amazing how much i've forgotten. or… how little i remember. but still, it was fun listening to them tell us what we did and where we went.

saturday morning, we woke up and headed off to rattlesnake point (as seen in the photos of my previous post). what a great two hour hike! i tried to pick a trail that wasn't too difficult. not only did i want to make it easy on chaeli but i haven't gone hiking along the bruce trail for quite some time. as i recalled, there were trails that required a bit of climbing through rocky and steep areas. while this trail did have a few spots of rocky areas, for the most part, it wasn't too difficult for a five year old, so long as one of us helped her.

saturday evening started off with a beverage at my aunt's patio, while we visited with then, my doctor and my doctor's wife. then about an hour later, we headed off to diane and rick's place for a bbq with the rest of the highschool gang. di had marinated some chicken and short ribs (kalbi). yum!

after dinner, the men suspiciously wanted to go to starbucks for a coffee run. we offered to go, instead, so we could leave the kids with them and get in an evening stroll but they bypassed our offer and immediately starting taking our orders. while they were gone, us wives discussed our shared suspicions. i even had to ask diane, "there isn't a golf store by the starbucks, is there?"

after all, the men were gone for a very long time.

when they finally returned, we learned that they also went to get fudge and then… the real reason why they wanted to go instead of letting us… they all came back with cigars.

which didn't bother us. in fact, it was quite entertaining to witness their logic – they bought one $26 cigar and five $5 cigar. the expensive one was passed around. which as ada pointed out, was one of the saddest things we heard.

there they were… five grown men all with good jobs (mostly professional jobs including a project manager and a VP) passing around a cigar instead of just buying one each.

anyway – it was a fun night. and we discovered how much easier it is now that all the kids are old enough to go downstairs and play on their own.

sunday morning, i woke up just after 8am with a mad craving for dim sum. i called my aunt and uncle, asking them if they were interested. and it just so happened that my aunt was also craving for dim sum as of lately so they definitely did want to join us. which is great. because unless we find a place that pushes the carts around, i'm horrible at knowing what to order from a menu. i need the visuals so i can say, "what do you got there? oh yes – that one. two of them please." we're finding that less and less restaurants are still pushing the carts around. which is too bad because part of the appeal are the carts.

for the rest of the day, we didn't do much. chaeli took a much needed three hours nap since she only slept several hours the night before (too short for a kid who needs at least 10 hours of sleep at night). doug prepared a jamie oliver pasta dish which is sort of like a spaghetti entree with some twists, including red wine and chunks of pancetta. it was definitely good, though. probably the best spaghetti i've ever had. and it was very complete with the antipasto we had before hand and the red wine during.

monday was a day of both work and relaxation. i had arranged for chaeli to spend the morning at my aunt's house while i went to the gym for a couple of hours. i called over after lunch and my aunt asked to keep chaeli there until dinner time, in which i would join them for some home-cooked chinese food. doug was at arvie's stag (a home-based stag giving some of the people a chance to join in on the fun, whom couldn't make it to vegas). the boys had some of tai's spicy, korean kalbi and i assume, beer, and then watched a movie in the backyard where tai set up a big screen.

i have to admit that i was a bit jealous that i couldn't go – it sounded like so much fun!

anyway, for monday afternoon, i did laundry but also just chilled out in bed while watching my will & grace dvd's.

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3 thoughts on “a wickedly long wicked weedend

  1. yeah, our summer weekends and especially our summer long weekends, are usually this way. 🙂 we pack it in real good! because before you know it, summer is coming to an end and winter is right around the corner. *buuuurrr!*

  2. DH was just talking about us going on vacation this year, and I was like 1 – our honeymoon was just a couple of months ago, 2 – school starts Monday – 3 – its all down hill from there before you know it it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year is here.

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