the blues

i feel blue.

maybe it's because i just got back from a great vacation. but like all great vacations, it has to end at some point. and it's not that i'm not glad to be home. it's just that whenever i'm off to somewhere that's almost like a whole different world from where home is, it takes me awhile to adjust to the fact that things around me haven't change.

but that i've changed.


perhaps i just need some solitude to get back on my feet. i'll see if i can sneak away for a couple of hours on my own this weekend…

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3 thoughts on “the blues

  1. yeah. i guess it would help if i could talk to some of my friends about it. but i've emailed them and i guess they are too busy. i don't expect them to drop everything for me since this isn't urgent – but… well, maybe i'm feeling lonely… *sigh*

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