dreaming of blood

had a dream last night…

i had stitches in the sides of my torso from a recent surgery. i was at the house of my boyfriends' family where i had a nasty trip. my stitches came undone and a little bit of blood seeped out through the wounds.

the scent of my blood caused my boyfriend's step-brother to lunge at me in hunger.

my boyfriend then jumped between him and i to protect me.

there was a nasty fight.

and then my boyfriend dumped me.

good lord…

you do realize who i was in this dream of mine, don't you?

how sad am i?

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7 thoughts on “dreaming of blood

  1. Watch the New Moon trailer more than once? 😉 If it makes you feel better I've been having vampire-themed dreams as well. I think there's probably a support group out there for us…

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