father’s day weekend

  • this past friday night, we had last minute, unexpected babysitting. so, with the freedom to have a date night, doug and i both worked out (me at the gym, him outdoors for a run), meeting up at home afterwards. we felt like steak and lobster. and though i know we could have had a hundred different choices of where to dine, i suggested the keg mansion. our meal had us quite full so we decided to stroll through the village since it was just a block away from where we were. the festivities was gearing up towards pride week. there were a lot of people walking up and down the street… and better yet, so many people were sitting on benches and chairs outside various stores/cafes, just lounging, talking and people watching. some of the clubs were have drag queen competitions or just great music pumping out and into the streets. i saw one blond drag queen that looked so smart that i was tempted in taking a photo of her. i didn't though – didn't want to look like a tourist.
  • on saturday, doug and i went to the gym for another workout and then headed over to an all-u-can-eat japanese restaurant to meet my parents, aunt and uncle. i'm pretty much content with the amount of sushi i injested though i feel like i didn't get my fix on spicy salmon sushi. afterwards, doug hitched a ride with my aunt and uncle because he had to go back into the city to do a recert for his first aid and cpr. chaeli and i went north to my parents' place and spent our afternoon plus dinner there.
  • today, sunday, is probably my favourtie day this weekend. i woke up earlier then doug to fix him a father's day brunch (though he came down shortly to do the bacon – i'm a multitasker except while cooking). afterwards, we sat in the living room to finish our coffee while listening to some tunes. my aunt came over and joined us. then, we washed up, changed and headed out to get some flowers for our potted, patio garden. i just came in from potting five large pots. i pray this year, that we have more success then last year, when most of our flowers died by mid-summer. i should take some photos of them while they are still alive – just in case!

as for doug's father's day gifts, i bought him a travel set of shaving cream and after shave lotion, a large tub of shaving cream (that kind you use with a brush to lather up on your face) and the godfather trilogy.

he's quite happy considering last weekend, we celebrated his 40th birthday. i bought him a horrible histories book about scotland, the 13th warrior dvd and the mini-series dvd, lonesome dove. and, i bought tickets to see cirque due soliel KA at the mgm grand while we're in vegas. can't wait!

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