storks, weird dreams and dark chocolate ice cream

  • my parents took chaeli to see UP this past friday. as with a lot of disney-pixar movies, they have a short animation before the main feature. i have no idea what it was that they saw but it involved a lot of storks flying in the sky, apparently carrying off a baby animal to their new home. there were baby rabbits, tigers, dogs, etc. then, there was this one human baby being carried. it was at that point that my 5 year old said very loudly to my father, "um… THAT'S NOT WHERE BABIES COME FROM!" of course, this conversation actually started when she was just three years old.
  • i have been having some very strange dreams as of lately. one being quite a nightmare. i dreamt that doug confessed that he had been seeing some girl named 'anne' during not just out entire marriage, but while we were dating as well. and that he had decided to leave me for her simply because he didn't love me, he hated me in fact, felt that i was mean and a horrible mother, anyway, so why was he wasting his time with me, he wondered? i woke up saturday morning at 6:30am, weeping yet relieved that it was just a dream. still, the emotions carried over from REM cycle to awake state so i couldn't stop the tears. i did manage to fall asleep but when both him and i woke up, he got up to head downstairs to marinate the chicken for our dinner that night. i asked him to come into bed and hold me for a bit. i told him about how i had lost him in my dream. and this is what he said while hugging me – "i'm not lost. i'm here. i love you. and i don't know anyone named 'anne.'" ๐Ÿ™‚
  • the marinated chicken was for cathy and her family last night. we also smoked some trout, made a spinach casserole and pulled out some kickass, double-churned, dark chocolate ice cream for dessert. it was, i have to admit, very good. and this is coming from some one who isn't always fond of ice cream (IT'S TOO COLD!) it's just hard for me to pass up either gelato or dark chocolate anything! it was a great night, though. the kids played really well together and i really haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to both cathy and greg for quite a while. sure, we see them with larger group-type gatherings but it's essential to have intimate get togethers in order to actually catch up. like really catch up. it was also somewhat amusing to watch cathy get a buzz on weak sangria (she's not much of a drinker – like me, but i now know at least that i can out drink her if  need be!)

that's about it for my weekend. other then that, today is sunday which means staying in our pj's and doing laundry.

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5 thoughts on “storks, weird dreams and dark chocolate ice cream

  1. you know – i usually have an inkling as to why i had a particular dream but this time, i'm really at a loss. our marriage is probably the best it's ever been. while it's not perfect and we have the occasional spat, we're very happy and sometimes even acting like two fools in love – like we were when we first started to date. maybe i'm a pessimist? maybe i'm thinking, this is too good to be true? or… i've been watching too much gossip about jon and kate plus eight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OK…so I totally get your crazy dream and feel for you- I hate when I have dreams like that and wake up absolutely PISSED OFF at Johnny… had a much better reaction, and you cannot beat Doug's response to you- so sweet.

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