gourmet pizzas, twitter war and laughing so hard it hurts

last night, a bunch of us (including diane, rick and yvonne) went over to ada and hoa's loft for a low key night.

i like 'low key'. it may sound boring but sometimes, it's the low-key, casual gatherings at the spur of the moment that ends up being the nights of good times.

when we got there, i learned that they were planning to order from a downtown placed called peter's cajun pizza. oh the pizza that they make there. it's probably the best pizza i've ever had (aside from the time we had a 'make your own pizza' party at ada's and hoa's). i was psyched. i have very found memories of our pizza-ordering from peter's cajun back when ada and hoa a tiny appartment by the soho area.

there was, however, a small snag during the time we were trying to decide what to order. the boys wanted a cajun seafood pizza that included crayfish (four or five of them still in their shell, right on top of the pizza) which none of the girls wanted. ada and i were hands down on the fungi pizza (mushrooms, onion, prosciutto and pesto) and yvonne wanted something 'normal' which ended up being ground beef, bacon, green olives and pineapple (it was good but i wouldn't classify that as normal).

at one point in the evening, yvonne, diane and i were talking about twitter and i asked yvonne about the twitter that cathy had posted about danny gokey in which yvonne replied back to cathy in total disagreement about what cathy had said (crush-related, that is).

we somehow got to talking about the type of guys that yvonne crushed after. i mentioned remembering her saying something about justin timberlake, jude law and eminem.

yvonne just gave me this look and said, "um. NO!" ada started cracking up, then yvonne and when i realized that for all these years i had it totally wrong about the type of celebs yvonne crushed after, i started laughing so hard i nearly peed my pants.

me: "what? but i'm SURE that's what you said!"

ada: "oh my god – that look on yvonne's face! haha!"

yvonne: "what the hell? are you spreading rumours about me?"

me: "no! that's seriously what i thought!"

yvonne: "i never EVER said any of those things!"

this is a true puzzle for me. my memory of such insignificant details of my friends are rarely wrong. i have no idea where i got those ideas from.

anyway, in response this misunderstanding, yvonne took a moment to get on ada's laptop and twitter right there at the dining room table, this. when i got home, i replied with this.

it was a great night, though. much of it included good talks and hard laughing.

my face actually hurts from all the laughing that we did.

god – i totally needed a night like that.

as for the rest of the weekend, i'm totally being mrs. lazy-pants as i've been needing a weekend just like this.

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3 thoughts on “gourmet pizzas, twitter war and laughing so hard it hurts

  1. let me know what your twitter alias is – if i didn't recognize it, i might have blocked it not realizing it was some one who i know (because i get a lot of spam at twitter).

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