my little geek

as of lately, chaeli's been showing signs of true geekness.

to get it straight, i've never pushed any of this on to her. this is her own budding personality of which she comes by honestly – she takes after me.

not only has she shown an interest towards transformers (not just the children's cartoon but the recent movie - she's begged us to take her to see the sequel in the theatre this summer), but she's also into star wars, batman and ironman.

i'm tempted to show her both x-men and star trek.

about a week or so ago, i was in the basement doing my pilates when i heard chaeli run from the living room, to the kitchen and back to the living room. later, after my workout, i came upstairs to find her shining a led-pen-flashlight on a spot of our tiled front entrance.

i asked her, "chaeli, what are you doing?"

without looking up, she replied, "watching the ant."

i knew right then and there that this was my child. not only is she fascinated with insects but has an interest in marine life. this is exactly what i did when i was just a child. i can't calculate how many hours i invested in learning about insects and marine life not because i had to, but because i wanted to.

ah yes… i can just see it now.

chaeli and mom – scuba diving in the carribean and then heading off to a trekkie convention.

i'm hoping she'll go as a vulcan.

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