last minute invite

it was around 10 in the morning when we got the call. we were just getting ready to head out for some mother's day gift shopping after having breakfast at chapter's starbucks (picking up the gift for a 6 year old's birthday party that's happening today, while we were there).

tko asked us if we were free for a leg of lamb dinner at their place. i immediately said, "hell yeah!"

i didn't even bother to ask doug. usually, i always double-check with him out of respect and politeness. but i knew doug would not say 'no' and after the week i had, there was just no time for politeness.

it was such a nice, last minute surprise type of deal, as well. up until then, we had just planned a quiet evening at home, grilling some lamb, as well, for dinner. yet having an intimate gathering with our friends was definitely an upgrade from our original evening of solitude. with rvx and taryne joining us, we had a very pleasant evening.

the rosemary lamb was yummy. trish made some scalloped potatoes to go on the side, as well as a kick-ass caesar salad (the woman did pretty much everything from scratch – croutons, bacon bits and dressing – everything!) the potatoes were amazing. to be honest, i rarely get scalloped potatoes. i don't know why. it's so tasty but for whatever reason, i think this was only the 2nd time i've ever been served that type of variation of potatoes for dinner.

afterwards, we cleansed our palates with a creamy-banana gelato and some tea or coffee.

now, i'm probably the last person to know this but tko added some cinnamon to the coffee grounds. it tasted phenomenal.

i'm actually finishing a cup of sunday morning coffee with cinnamon grounds added as well.

never knew coffee could taste this way.

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