outdated movie that i still love

why i still love this movie, i have no idea.

i suppose it was one of the earlier movies that fed my self-geeky-alter-ego.

anyway, i watched it again earlier this week after not seeing it for a very long time.

man is it out-dated! not just in regards to the cheesy effects but the technology they used to hack into the systems.

still… it's one of those cult-flicks that i keep in our dvd collection. because you never know when you feel like watching angelina jolie sporting a boy cut and some baby fat.

her thick lips still kicked ass in this movie, though.

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5 thoughts on “outdated movie that i still love

  1. ah – your lucky brother! it's a fun movie to watch every now and then. however, i can't get over how bad of an actress nancy travis was. she must have gotten lessons before 'so i married an axe murderer'. even then – not the greatest.

  2. My husband and I really liked this movie back when it was new. We got a kick out of the computer geeks being portrayed as cool rather than nerdy. (It is SO dated now! We couldn't stop laughing when we saw it a couple months ago.)My husband still thinks she looks HOT in that movie. I think she looks better with the baby fat and the pixie cut than the gaunt look and super long tresses she now sports. I so wanted to have a pixie cut back then, probably in part because of how cute she looked with it. (She also had that cut in a Rolling Stones music video made around that time.)

  3. she did look very cool in this movie. i certainly would rather see her put on a bit of meat these days.when i first saw this movie, i was very into her clothes. she was just… cool all around!

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