weekend blahs

chaeli spent the weekend with my parents. this was a last minute decision as i realized how much i needed to get done this weekend. with the nice weather we had, i would have much prefered for her to be home with us so that we could do some family-fun stuff out-doors. having said that, we totally out-did ourselves with the famiy-fun stuff these past two weekends.

anyway, yesterday, i had a chance to go to the gym by myself as doug went to work out with ada and hoa. i had two glorious hours of un-rushed gym time. i think that was my only time of guilt-free solitude this weekend. i needed it to start off that way, too.

after we ran errands for a few hours, i spent the rest of the afternoon working on a project i wasn't able to finish at work on friday (and that i needed to get out of the way before this upcoming week starts).

today, we spent time at my parents' house (as we had to go there to pick up chaeli anyway). it wasn't so much of a social visit though since i spent the afternoon doing taxes for doug and i.

not my most favourite weekend – but at least i got a lot of things checked off my to-do list.

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One thought on “weekend blahs

  1. There is always some satisfaction in "working" on the weekend. That To Do List likes to haunt me through the week, which makes the work week more stressful for me. We, too, had some blah moments this weekend. Sunday was a big clean-the-garage/ laundry/ grocery day. Not fun, but certainly productive.

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