weird, feverish dreams

when i dream while running a fever, my dreams are often much more vivid. and much more irratic.

it's not so much what i'm dreaming but the feelings that encompasses the dreams – whether they are emotions of joy and happiness or frustration and sorrow.

i remember two of my dreams while sick these past couple of days.

the first one took place at a restaurant. ada was heading off to another country for awhile and we were sending her off with a final dinner with all her friends.

our waitier kept on changing – each time we had some one come to our table, it was a different person. and then, after finally getting our menus, the waiter just never came back. except somehow, ada got a huge plate of strawberries resting on top of a rather large amount of cool whip. it looked delicious but she was sitting at the other end of the very long table we were at and i wasn't able to ask her how she got her order so quickly. so i went into the menu and tried to find the item that she ordered. with much frustration, i couldn't find it. and i couldn't ask her because no matter how loudly i tried calling out to her, she couldn't hear me.

everyone around me was getting quite antsy and irritated that it was taking so long. so decided to take charge. i got up and marched into the kitchen, demanding better service.

somewhere along the line, i got distracted away from my table. i'm can't remember what it was that pulled me away from my group but when i returned, i realized that the waiter had already come by. i completely missed my chance to order, though my friends didn't want me to get hungry so they ordered me an appetizer. i ate the appetizer, completely not satisfied.

later on, the management brought out the kitchen staff. there must have been at least 30 of them, which was odd – the kitchen was so small. there was no way that little kitchen could have catered to 30 people. they singled out this one guy as the root problem of why we had such horrible service.

the man began to cry. i begged them to not humiliate him infront of everyone. the worse i wanted was just to take away the tip.

i left the restaurant feeling completely unsatisfied and sad.

the second dream also didn't seem to have any concrete series of events. but unlike the first dream, it left me feeling so peaceful that i wonder if i could go back to it ever again. perhaps my second dream happened today, while i slept through until noon. my fever had broke by then though i was still getting stomach cramps from the stomach flu.

doug, chaeli and i had moved into a new house. it was huge, spacious and very modern. we had our own aquarium of sharks. the glass side ranged throughout all three floors so whichever floor you were on, there was access to viewing the aquarium.

i remember showing my father when my parents first came to view the house before we moved in. my father thought it was a great aquarium though i was nervous as to how i was going to take care of the sharks. i was afraid that if i didn't do a good enough job, they would die.

we had an indoor pool with an adjacent whirlpool, as well. and the kitchen was crazy white and just so spacioius.

our first night there, we had our friends come for dinner. we made a huge, pasta-feast with bottles of red wine and fresh, italian bread.

everyone sat at the table, eating, drinking, talking and laughing the night away.

it felt so good to have not just everyone around but to feel the joy and warmth radiate throughout that kitchen.

they stayed until the wee hours of the morning. my one friend, diane, took whatever scraps and leftovers they could find and made us brunch for next day.

anyway, i'm feeling better now. just a mild cramping every now and then though they aren't coming as often. i should be back to work tomorrow.

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