red, red wine

i've been back to red wine a lot lately.

partly due to elevated stress and partly due to the fact that doug and i have been back to pairing wine with cheese.

no, i'm not drinking my sorrows away or trying to find the answer at the bottom of the bottle. believe me. drinking a lot for me would mean more then a glass a day. and while i am having a glass of wine with my dinner almost nightly, i do find that i get to a point where i need a break.

i have a feeling that it's hard for me to form an addiction with alcohol or any type of 'substance' known to usually cause addictions, simply because i get sick of it way before i feel any major effects.

having said that, i'm enjoying it. it is, after all, part of enjoying life. and i do hope that the benefits of having a glass a day is true. i can definitely say that i feel much more relaxed towards a good night's sleep (so long as it is during dinner and well before bedtime – otherwise, i just end up waking up a lot to use to loo).

the long weekend is upon us.

more wine and food yet to come!

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